Introduction: How to Use the Commander App for EV3

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Requested by coolblaze2019. As I was testing the features my Gauntlet was turned on so it was spazzing out on the floor. Lol

Step 1: Track3r

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On the sides are sliders that control the treads. The rest is self explanatory

Step 2: Spik3r

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Only goes forewords and turns. Squeeze to activate pincers. Target makes it shoot

Step 3: Ev3rstorm

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The buttons are self explanatory but you need to deactivate each command each time(red button)

Step 4: R3ptar

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Flick up to rattle tail down to strike. Touch and drag the screen to move.

Step 5: Grabb3r

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Buttons open and close and joystick maneuvers

Step 6: Make Your Own

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This is the main feature of the app.

Step 7: Features

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Pretty self explanatory. Hope u njoyed!


HollieR4 (author)2017-07-23

is it possible to resize the switches or sliders in the app? they are so big and take up too much space

S Pineapple (author)2016-09-04


I was wondering if I could possibly make my own look alike commander app that basically controls the robot but with modifications of course. Probably with coding language. if so, do you know where I could start :)

buggle1 (author)2014-12-25

i connected mine but the controls dont work help plz

luke.beauchamp.10 (author)2014-11-12

Please help. I'm doing the make your own and trying to use two buttons to control the medium motor for rack and pinion steering in Lego car 8448. I have a button for each direction. The motor spins in one direction but not the other. How do I have it work for both directions?

liviu_ivanescu (author)2014-09-10

Hi, I'm not able to do anything with this app. I made the BT connection but it stil pops out the "Connect your EV3 Brick" window every time I press on any robot icon, but the "make you own". The iPhone BT settings shows it as connected. Any idea pls?

cdragos george (author)2014-01-30

very useful tutorial that help me to write this article

Transforminglegodude (author)2013-10-31

Any device that can download an app

Transforminglegodude (author)2013-10-17

It's basically a remote control for the EV3

Mlg-pro 209 (author)2013-10-14

What device do you play it on

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