This instructable will go over the new Instructable's for iPhone app (which you can read about here). The observant among you may notice its actually being run on an iPad (bring us an iPad version Eric!!!).

Step 1: Download and Open the App

First things first, you need to have a device capable of running the app such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You then need to download the app (which can be done by clicking this link or searching www.instructables.com in the itunes store)

Now that you have downloaded the app, tap the icon on your device.
<p>Not available in the US store? What is going on???</p>
<p>not available in the irish iTunes Store </p>
Update this Ible' that's old pics
<p>How do i view my collections on the app</p>
You better update your instructable to iOS 7
Hey I love the app and the Instructable but I have a Q:<br>How do you reload the &quot;save to phone&quot; instructables? I wrote half a book and was out of signal so I saved to the phone to upload later but when I went back it was all gone! <br><br>It was like searching the dessert for a particular color sand on the forum so I figured id ask here if there's something I did wrong but mostly if there's any possible way to recover all that writing. I'd prefer not to have to do it over again a third time! (I also lost data once before when I didn't save and switched to other apps and came back and it was gone).<br><br>Also, don't mean to hijack your Instructable to post this. Is there a relevant forum topic I could be posting this to? <br><br>Thanks, and great writeup
Thats sweet
nice one
i dont even get this look on my phone no share button on the top and also no publish button,please instruct me how to do it?Thank you!
Hello there i have android phone HTC incredible 2 where i don't have option share,but only create ...so i went and do it i create it but in the end i press done...and i can't upload i can't see where ....my instructable is now sitting in drafts where i can see it all the time ...i just don't know how to publish it?Please help
I want it for the iPad! How else will the world know about my genius while I'm lying in bed?
Im a little dissapointed that it is an app for the ipod/phone... Why wouldnt you make one for the ipad??? You cant even make this app full screen... For the ipod itself, it works well i guess, but I would rather access it from my ipad. the regular website is buggy on iPads safari browser. I would rather those issues get fixed than the little phone app...
Ok i guess you can make it full screen... But I'm still disappointed that there isn't one specifically for the ipad...
The app is great (better than the mobile version of the site in my opinion.) but it seems there isn't a way to see the comments or make a comment. I might be wrong but I couldn't find one.
You're not wrong. Comments are very high on the list of future features.
Are they going to have this app for android?
Yes. You can actually grab a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Test-the-new-Instructables-Android-App/">beta version</a> right now in the forums for testing purposes.
You probably want to go through and make all of the URLs active hyperlinks (use the &quot;globe with chain&quot; icon in the editor toolbar). I'm going to Feature this anyway, since it's of such interest to the community.
My goal of this was to write it entirely in the iphone app. The problem with that was no linking and it destroys your paragraphs.
Ah. Argh! Have you had a chance to report those things as Bugs?
Not yet. I was quite literally walking out the door while writing that comment.
That was quick. Great job!
Nice work! Glad you like it!

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