How to make a compass look like it lived in the age of exploration.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

•a compass (duh)
•spray paint
•leather, rope, or a chain

Step 2: Prepping

Rip off that lame old string. Then cover the arrow part, because if that gets painted on its useless.

Step 3: Paint

I added a layer of black to tone down the bright orange and to make it look more aged, then paint it with a metallic color like silver or bronze. Then take the tape off

Step 4: Details

Add details to the front like a drawing or a symbol. I cut the top off of a small candle then glued it on.

Step 5: DONE!

Step back and enjoy your work!
This is AWESOME! I remember at my school we brought spraypaint to paint our model rockets and somebody brought gold spraypaint and painted rocksand it looked like gold, thats the paint im gonna use
I spray paint almost everything I make for that exact reason
<p>This looks awesome, I love the wolf! I love how spray paint can transform things! It's amazing!</p>

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