How to Wake Up in the Moring


Introduction: How to Wake Up in the Moring

Here is a simple way to get up in the morning. You have a speaker in your bed next to your head, wired to your alarm clock sitting on the other side of the room. When it goes off, you naturally have to walk across the room to hit snooze or off. if you turn on the air-conditioning before you go to sleep, then the cold in the morning will wake you up.



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    I have tried stuff similar to this before. I have put clocks in various, hard-to-reach places around my room, all set within minutes of each other. When the first one goes off, I turn it off along with the others before they go off. I then climb back into bed and am asleep in a second, no joke. Then, when it is time to actually roll out of bed, if the room is cold, I would just wrap up in a blanket and stare into space for minutes at a time. When I finally get out of bed, over an hour has gone by since the alarms initially went off. This is me every morning of every week, excluding weekends.

    i use to have major problems getting up in the morning for work, like everyone else i really wanted to stay in bed! but now im up before the sun gets up Joke! but i am up really early, thanks to this!

    I have considered this idea but I would only use it when I know I was going to get a full 8 hours or so of sleep. If I knew I was going to sleep 8 hours this would only by useful about a 1/4 of the time....Nice to see it works for you though....