To learn how to walk you need:
2 feet( 1 left and 1 right)
2 legs
1 body

Step 2: Lets Walk

Take 1 step with one foot. Then take another step with the other foot. And that's all you have to do to walk! :)
if you guys don't get it right away, it's okay :)) it takes little by little to learn stuff like this :))
I have two left feet and no right so how rhis is tough
I can't understand this, too tough.
U would keep taking steps after steps
I tried this and only got two steps. Now it is really hard for me to reach the keyboard to type this because I have to lean so far away. How do i reverse this, and what do I do after the other foot? HELP ME I AM STUCK!!!!!
Ok now how do I run?
It's about time someone posted an instructable that teaches me how to walk YOU KNOW WHAT IM MAKING THIS MY FAVORITE INSTRUCTABLE

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