Step 2: Submerge!

Soak in cold water, submerging and squeezing.  Nasty stuff will most likely come out of the stuffing.  Keep squeezing it out until the water comes out clear.
Step 4 is a very disturbing photo.
<p>Thanks. I'll try it.</p>
<p>Great! I bought many plush toys on toyswill.com and don't know how to clean them. thanks for your suggestions.</p>
<p>I didn't see the stuffed animal smile until the end. Thanks for sharing.</p>
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Depending on the solution of the fluff, it may be adapted to be accommodated. In the washing machine before, assured that there are no protruding eyes or other parts that may be damaged during a cycle. It takes a lot of time to dry, as the internal filling can cause odor wet. <br>http://www.toyswill.com/couple-dolls-plush-doll-toys2pcs-p-647.html
This would have totally saved ernie from getting his hair all frizzy in the dryer. Great Instructable!
Awesome Instructable! I always feel bad for those guys that are just too dirty with no way to clean them.
We're saving (imaginary) lives!
You can also toss them in your regular washing machine, but only in a gentle cycle, cold water only and if you have them in a pillowcase/laundry bag. What gets most upholstered items is usually the heat of the water or the dryer; fake fur will melt into a crispy mess and it's all over if that happens :(
My mom always stuck dolls and stuffed animals into a leg of old pantyhose; i always end up with a bear with a smooshed snout though using that method!
Yeah, we usually just throw them in the washing machine.
Nice Instructable! Thanks for sharing. Sunshiine

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