This is a quick fix for waterproofing your touch screen phone.
<p>sedan wrap?</p>
A sedan wrap would be WAY too big!<br><br>Seran wrap might work. I would rather have the zip lock. <br><br>By the way, I finally got a Lifeproof case, but it leaks some. My speakers sound a little funny and the top left corner of my screen has a green shadow, after I took it under water. <br><br>Funny thing though. My camera light has been broken for years, but it works fine when the phone gets wet :)
This is gonna sound kind of weird but condoms work very well for this too. Nonlubricated only though
Dang, you are right! I bet they work even better. <br><br>Awkward in some situations, maybe :-), but an excellent technical solution!
Good point. Don't use a bag with holes! Condensation can't happen inside the bag, since there is almost no air in there, and the phone itself is not cold. <br><br>This is a quick fix. If you are going to get your phone wet regularly, by all means, get a waterproof case. If this is a last minute or one-time thing, it is much better than nothing. <br><br>Think of this like a spare tire. You shouldn't use it as your everyday tire, and you have to be more careful with it than a regular tire, but you glad you have it when you need it.
<p>It is a resourceful idea, but I'd weigh the risk of trusting an expensive device to an inexpensive baggy.</p><p>I suppose it will work IF: the bag doesn't have or later get any holes in it, the zip stays zipped, the zip doesn't leak, there isn't any problematic condensation inside the bag, etc.</p><p>If you keep a double-zip freezer baggy (they are a bit more durable) with you and want to throw your wallet &amp; phone into it if you get caught in a downpour, that is quite sensible. But I wouldn't go swimming with your phone in a sandwich bag.</p>

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