How to Weave a Greek Paper "Football"





Introduction: How to Weave a Greek Paper "Football"

Learn how to weave a Greek paper ball. The holes look like the pentagons on a football.



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    I made one, turned out great! thank you for this intructable!


    Sweet, this is awesome and i can use these instructions to make a takraw ball. +1

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    Exactly! It IS a takraw ball!


    Did you make the takraw ball? Please, have you some photo?

    No D: I haven't been able to get the stuff for it, been really busy. Once I do get the stuff I'll be sure to post some pictures.

    I love Sepak Takraw!

    Your paper was just too "soft" -- I think you diid it just about right.


    i lol'd. im going to try this later.

    Mine ended up as a beautiful... crumpled up ball in the trash. ;)

    mine tuned up to be a ripped up,thrown ball of paper among a shattered tape dispenser on the ground and then I punched my monitor

    HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!!! I mean.. I'm sorry to hear that. (giggle)

    hahahha silly. unexpected nice

    oh dear :D Did you use tape to help hold the strips down as you worked with them? Because it's really difficult otherwise :)

    Yeah i guess u did try LOL!! :P

    If I used larger, thicker strips to make a bigger ball this would work out ok wouldn't it? Do you have a width to length ratio for the strips?

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    I've found a 20:1 length:width ratio works for the strips.

    Thank you for a very clear instructable with a beautiful result. Simple and sweet!