Learn how to weave a Greek paper ball. The holes look like the pentagons on a football.
I made one, turned out great! thank you for this intructable!
Sweet, this is awesome and i can use these instructions to make a takraw ball. +1
Exactly! It IS a takraw ball!
Did you make the takraw ball? Please, have you some photo?
No D: I haven't been able to get the stuff for it, been really busy. Once I do get the stuff I'll be sure to post some pictures.
I love Sepak Takraw!
well i tried.....
Your paper was just too &quot;soft&quot; -- I think you diid it just about right. <br>
i lol'd. im going to try this later.
Mine ended up as a beautiful... crumpled up ball in the trash. ;)
mine tuned up to be a ripped up,thrown ball of paper among a shattered tape dispenser on the ground and then I punched my monitor
HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!!! I mean.. I'm sorry to hear that. (giggle)
hahahha silly. unexpected too...lol nice
oh dear :D Did you use tape to help hold the strips down as you worked with them? Because it's really difficult otherwise :)
Yeah i guess u did try LOL!! :P
If I used larger, thicker strips to make a bigger ball this would work out ok wouldn't it? Do you have a width to length ratio for the strips?
I've found a 20:1 length:width ratio works for the strips.
Thank you for a very clear instructable with a beautiful result. Simple and sweet!
&nbsp;do you think this would be possible with string?
Actually yes, they did this thing on art attack (Disney Show) where they made Christmas decorations out of string, glue, and a balloon. :] Just blow the balloon into the diameter of your choice.Tie the balloon and tie a string to where you tied the balloon and lay the string going across the balloon and then brush with glue. :] repeat the string process. :] Then let dry. Once all dry just pop the balloon and there you have a skeleton of hard string. :] by the way by string I mean yarn because it is much thicker. :]
es sencillamente hermosa, me encanta su sitio GRACIAS
Wonderful! I think the Girl Scouts will love it. I'm going to have to try this (once I get it down with paper) with thin craft foam sheets!
I wanted something with a little more "heft" (that you could actually play with ;), so i tried cardboard, and it worked great! I used 20cmx1.1cm strips of regular cereal box cardboard (~.75mm thick), and it's pretty sturdy -- enough to play hackysack with :D TIP: so the cardboard doesn't fold, make sure to pre-round it against a table edge
i took ur idea and used a frootloops cereal box. thx 4 the idea! heres the pic.
&nbsp;wats with the gun
your welcome! I'm glad it worked out.
btw I actually made a full-on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Origami_Juggling_Ball/">instructable</a> on how to make the cardboard version (making sure to credit your great video, Jennifer).<br/>
Thumbs up for putting a cereal box to good use after the cereal is gone! :)
?STAPLES? just a thought...lol put staples in it?
also, it makes it more sturdy if you maneuver the joints until they are hidden under other strips
<p>thanks for the instruction! i tried to make a ball inside another ball , and the result is awesome! And , can U gimme another width and length for a smaller ball? I tried but I didn't found&nbsp;a correct one.....</p>
I just made another one of these, this time I&nbsp;used a thicker and wider (and different color)&nbsp;material so I&nbsp;made my strips 18&quot; instead of 12&quot; I used for my green ball. I also found and corrected a mistake in my green ball and removed the one black-tape junction&nbsp;I had. The black ball came out larger than expected, I did't really transpose the circumferance formula to see how much larger it would be. I&nbsp;can tell you the black ball feels much sturdier. I thought about making the green ball inside but nahhh I like having two seperate ones for now.
These are really cool!&nbsp; I think it would be a neat thing to try to make one ball inside the other, but they look good on their own as well :)<br /> <br /> You can experiment in lots of ways with the width and length of the strips to see what you come up with.&nbsp; With the strips I used, you end up with a fairly sturdy ball that is not too difficult to weave.
Hey, you know that wrapping material for material to palletts like at The Home Depot (I work there part time). I pulled some out the trash can and with the help of my 11 year old daughter this is what we made. I&nbsp;love the translucent green, I also have solid black and green I&nbsp;am going to try next and maybe a multi-colored one too. Any way, I pulled this stuff out of the trash can last time I&nbsp;worked. <br /> I used clear tape on all my joints except one, the first one I&nbsp;used black electrical tape, I&nbsp;just made sure I&nbsp;wrapped the tape around a few times, this material is pretty springy.
Keep up the great work!Got my football right second time around.Thought the most important part was laying out the paper strips and making sure that they overlap each other correctly.Once I got that right, the rest was straight-forward.<br /> <br /> <br />
Huzzah for getting it on the first try!!!!!! The "follow one strip and see if it's under, over, under...etc." works well!
Actually, I just fixed mine and now it looks almost perfect. A good technique is to look around one strip all the way and make sure it goes over,under, etc.
I definitely have yet to master this. But when i do, it'll be awesome! Every thing is perfect (well, geometrically) except for the one top side.I tried to do this with tape. big mistake .Fun anyway, though.
I made one inside another one - it looked pretty good until it fell apart. I think In just need practice.
:O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O sorry my mouth is ajar and i think my brain spilled out all i got is emotocons :(
i felt the need to reply this is an amazing craft, i'll prolly make like 57.8 over the summer! i <3 your origami, KEEP ON FOLDIN!
wow. nice tut! thx! i think ima gonna go make me one now...tx!<br/><br/><sup>*</sup>TGC<sup>*</sup><br/>
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I have been searching high and low how to build a Sepak Takraw ball and you pretty much explain it here!. I am going to try and make a ball from coke bottle plastic or some form of thin plastic. your the greatest - thanks again. :D I want to teach myself Sepak Takraw and I couldn't get one of the balls here in Brisbane so now I know how to make one.
I agree. This is the first place with the right instructions.
ypur from msia right or somewhere around there
You're very welcome! :) I hope it works out with the plastic!
I was not able to receive the economic book 'First Steps to A Thousand Paper Cranes 'from eBay, because they sells only in USA (I live in Italy). I am interested only in the Greek Soccer Ball pages. Please, there's someone that can scan these pages for me? I will pay for this work. Yhank you in advance.

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