How To Weave Duck Tape (The Original Way)

Picture of How To Weave Duck Tape (The Original Way)
Duck tape can be turned into a whole lotta stuff, and weaving it, you could weave yourself up a purse or something magical! Learn how to weave it, and your on your way!
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Step 1: Gather Your Materials To Weave

Picture of Gather Your Materials To Weave
You will need some duck tape (Duck tape works well otherwise you could use paracord, old fabric strips, or something like that.), scissors, and a ruler (optional)

Step 2: Making Your Strips

Picture of Making Your Strips
Start out with your main color. This will be the strips going vertical. Make as many as those as you want and lay them out so the touch each other from top to bottom. You will cut your strip, then fold it in half the hot dog way (length wise) and then lay them out like it said above.

Step 3: Getting Your Strips Firm And In Place

Picture of Getting Your Strips Firm And In Place
Use duck tape to hold the top strips down in place good. Just take a strip as long as it is horizontally, and stick in so half of the sticky is on the strips, and half is on your workspace.

Step 4: Learning To Weave

Picture of Learning To Weave
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To start your weave, take a strip of your tape just a little longer than the length of your other color or vertical strips. Cut that out. Make as many more as you need to fill up the whole space. With your new strips, you will take one and go under the first color, then over it, the under, then over, and so on until you've finished that section. Take another strip and weave that so it will start by going over, under, over, under and keep going that too. Go back to under first, for your third, and keep doing that until you've run out of strips. It should look like a checker board.

Step 5: Viola!

Picture of Viola!
13, 10:26 AM.jpg
Now all you have to do is trim of excess edges and cover them duck tape, or sew it. Secure it on all edges and... Viola! You've mastered the art of basic weaving. :) Follow me, comment, favorite and vote!! Thank you so much! Hope you have fun with your weaving!
Fixing to try this with peace tea cans we will see how that goes. Thanks for the how to on the weaving :)
Aly Guizar7 months ago
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 8 months ago
Cindy028 months ago
I love it!! <3
Nice instructable, where did you buy your duct tape?

Just one suggestion: When replying to people, it can be usefull to use the reply button Then they will get a notification that you have answered them. You can find the reply button at the top right corner of a comment :)

I bought my duck tape at Joanns, Wal-mart, Micheals, and Target, but target does not sell Duck Brand duck tape which in my opinion is the best.

I didn't really see that button, but thanks for telling me that.

socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
hotstuff57219 months ago
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Thanks guys!!
sunshiine9 months ago
I wondered how this was done! Nice instructable.
JJ43769 months ago
I love all your ideas I'll be sure to vote do the same 4 me!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
aqua 129 months ago
Very cool I made one of my own;)))!!!
socksmonkeysduckstape (author) 9 months ago
Woot 100 views! Now you guys should comment ;)

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