How to Weave Toilet Paper Rolls





Introduction: How to Weave Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls make a great woven basket.
I learned this technique from Indonesian recycled crafts where plastic coffee sachet are used for the links. I found out that toilet paper/ paper towel cardboards easily available.

Step 1: Make the Links

Cut up toilet paper cardboards 1.5 cm (5/8 in ) wide. Make a pin wheel by wrapping around one each other like so.

Step 2: Weaving Corners

Add 2 links to each foot to turn the corners.

Step 3: Filling Up Rows

We get to fill up the rows by adding one link then wrap the main link around the next one and continue weaving.

Step 4: Keep Weaving As Vertically

Step 5: Sew (optional) and Add Handle Bar

You can run needle and thread through the top rows to secure the opening. I added recycled brown paper bag ( grocery bag) handle in this picture.

I will add more post to make tote bag or bigger bag with similar technique.



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Excellent ingenuity! Saved as a favorite! I've been saving paper towel rolls & T.P. rolls for a project. I hadn't picked it out, but knew I wanted 2016's Christmas gifts to have a personal touch. Painting these & personalizing them, them maybe spraying them w/ a gloss might be a great touch.

Like it. Wow it cool. Sorry can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016?? Thank You :)

Sorry for the typo that supposed to be " put the inch measure"

Hi Neo71665, you are right. Inwas hesitated to putbthebinch on the instruction. Thanks for your feedback.

This is really cool and I'm in process of making one (run out of rolls). 1.5cm is 1 mm narrower than 5/8th inch. That 1mm is a world of difference and made it a bear to try to weave. So much I ended up scrapping the fist one and starting over cutting everything in metric.

My TP rolls have some kinda scent so my basket is gonna smell ocean fresh, lol.

That is an interesting way to recycle toilet paper rolls. Thanks for sharing the cool idea.