Toilet paper rolls make a great woven basket.
I learned this technique from Indonesian recycled crafts where plastic coffee sachet are used for the links. I found out that toilet paper/ paper towel cardboards easily available.

Step 1: Make the Links

Cut up toilet paper cardboards 1.5 cm (5/8 in ) wide. Make a pin wheel by wrapping around one each other like so.

Step 2: Weaving Corners

Add 2 links to each foot to turn the corners.

Step 3: Filling Up Rows

We get to fill up the rows by adding one link then wrap the main link around the next one and continue weaving.

Step 4: Keep Weaving As Vertically

Step 5: Sew (optional) and Add Handle Bar

You can run needle and thread through the top rows to secure the opening. I added recycled brown paper bag ( grocery bag) handle in this picture.

I will add more post to make tote bag or bigger bag with similar technique.
Excellent ingenuity! Saved as a favorite! I've been saving paper towel rolls & T.P. rolls for a project. I hadn't picked it out, but knew I wanted 2016's Christmas gifts to have a personal touch. Painting these & personalizing them, them maybe spraying them w/ a gloss might be a great touch.
<p>Combined this technique with an empty glass of a candle to make an improvised but pretty penholder. It's makeshift, but it's not for long anyway. Thank you! :)</p>
<p>Wow! Awesome !</p>
<p>Like it. Wow it cool. Sorry can you give me vote and like in Egg Contest 2016?? Thank You :)</p>
Sorry for the typo that supposed to be &quot; put the inch measure&quot;
Hi Neo71665, you are right. Inwas hesitated to putbthebinch on the instruction. Thanks for your feedback.
<p>This is really cool and I'm in process of making one (run out of rolls). 1.5cm is 1 mm narrower than 5/8th inch. That 1mm is a world of difference and made it a bear to try to weave. So much I ended up scrapping the fist one and starting over cutting everything in metric.</p><p>My TP rolls have some kinda scent so my basket is gonna smell ocean fresh, lol.</p>
I like it
<p>That is an interesting way to recycle toilet paper rolls. Thanks for sharing the cool idea.</p>

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