Introduction: How to Weave Your Own Paracord (Video)

Here is a video I made about how to weave kumihimo braids, a braid very similar to paracord. This is a cool way to make your own costom lanyards with designs you made using the kumihimo pattern generator.

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Gibbiford (author)2013-05-17

What if you used some of that cordage you made in your Make Great Cordage Out Of Grass instructable, and used that to make a very strong grass cord?

garside (author)2012-06-20

I'm thinking of blowing this up to mega-size! I want to do exactly what you did only instead of string, I want to use paracord itself! I'm thinking that you could totally get some interesting rope out of that!

ThatKnottyguy (author)2012-06-01

This was my first one! The pattern should look like this right? I am hooked.

nepheron (author)ThatKnottyguy2012-06-02

That's perfect!

embochner (author)2011-09-09

what kind of string did you use?

nepheron (author)embochner2011-09-09

I used copper colored size 3 crochet yarn :)

Kryptonite (author)nepheron2011-09-12

It would be quite a complex system, but would look awesome if you could do that!

sunshiine (author)2011-09-09

Nice job! Thanks for sharing you hard work!

zazenergy (author)2011-09-09

Totally awesome! Good job with the video (I know how hard those can be to put together). Kudos!

nepheron (author)zazenergy2011-09-09

Thanks! It's hard work, but I love doing it. I already have 2 more in the works!

Kryptonite (author)2011-09-09

Great vid! very instructive. It could help if the slower bits were sped up for the sake of brevity.

I love the finish, what sort of strength addition can you get?

nepheron (author)Kryptonite2011-09-09

Thanks! I was afraid that people wouldn't follow if I went to fast. However I may have over done it :) !

This method of braiding has a hollow center (that's why it stretches so much when you first pull on it). I think If you used synthetic string for the braid and a heavy duty synthetic string for the core, you could make a pretty stong rope.

The next step is finding out how to automate the process. This brading takes a very long time, so It's hard to do experiments!

rimar2000 (author)2011-09-09

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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