Here is a video I made about how to weave kumihimo braids, a braid very similar to paracord. This is a cool way to make your own costom lanyards with designs you made using the kumihimo pattern generator.

I have a blog HERE!
What if you used some of that cordage you made in your Make Great Cordage Out Of Grass instructable, and used that to make a very strong grass cord?
I'm thinking of blowing this up to mega-size! I want to do exactly what you did only instead of string, I want to use paracord itself! I'm thinking that you could totally get some interesting rope out of that!
This was my first one! The pattern should look like this right? I am hooked.
That's perfect!
what kind of string did you use?
I used copper colored size 3 crochet yarn :)
It would be quite a complex system, but would look awesome if you could do that!
Nice job! Thanks for sharing you hard work!
Totally awesome! Good job with the video (I know how hard those can be to put together). Kudos!
Thanks! It's hard work, but I love doing it. I already have 2 more in the works!
Great vid! very instructive. It could help if the slower bits were sped up for the sake of brevity.<br><br>I love the finish, what sort of strength addition can you get?
Thanks! I was afraid that people wouldn't follow if I went to fast. However I may have over done it :) !<br><br>This method of braiding has a hollow center (that's why it stretches so much when you first pull on it). I think If you used synthetic string for the braid and a heavy duty synthetic string for the core, you could make a pretty stong rope.<br><br>The next step is finding out how to automate the process. This brading takes a very long time, so It's hard to do experiments!
Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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