How to Win a Guys Heart





Introduction: How to Win a Guys Heart

Step 1: Draw the Outline

A simple heart will do fine unless your crush is into something else

Step 2: You and Them

Put your first initial then a plus sign and then their first initial

Step 3: Start

Write 4 ever once in the hearts upper corner

Step 4: Finishing

After 4 ever write and ever over and over until the heart is full

Step 5: Works

This might not work for every boy but it worked for mine



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    If u move to the country I live in you'll find out

    okay exactly your 11 if you do that when your older you will scsre people

    Only 11 years old, and doing stuff like this???

    Ok, guys, look out - this is going to be one heck of a lady, pretty soon.

    I take back my first comment I hadn't finished reading!

    And thanks for that I appreciate the thought! And congrats to u too.

    I am only 11 and it worked on my guy so maybe it might not work on older guys like I said in the instructable but it work with younger guys!!!

    Your initial picture got my attention. Most of us guys are into aggressive stuff (notice the attraction to head-butting things like football.) ;-)   The heart that you made up is cute, but not the kind of stuff that grabs my (or most guys I would think) attention.

    I suspect that this worked, more because you had already won your boy's heart - congrats on that.

    Still, it is great that you think about him enough that you want to make these kind of cute crafts for him.  Nice going, don't ever let that go (speaking from almost 33 years of marriage here.)