Introduction: How to Write a Journal

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Im making this instructable because some people are very misled on the topic and think a journal has to be done a certain way and written exactly the same as every other journal following a certain guide... this is most definitely not the case.

Step 1: Materials

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All you need is some paper and a pen, pencil, marker, paints it honestly doesn't matter!!

Step 2: What/ How to Write

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This is completely up to you but i will give you some guidance. You should write about what interests you or anything unique that happened in that day, even write something fictional like a little story, just write whatever you want, i even doodle on my pages sometimes. entries can be as short or as long as you want and you can keep it private or let other people read it, Its up to you. Something you should always do however is include the date on the top of the page, this is just a good reference and helps you know when the things you wrote about happened. The only rule is, have fun!!! Thanks for reading and favorite if you like it. Also feel free to comment with suggestions or whatever you want too!


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