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Parodies are basically stories, poems or other forms of literature in which an existing peice of literature is made fun of. So I am going to tell you 5 easy steps with which you can ready your base and then continue writing along.

1. Decide upon which book you would like to parody
2. Get a fair idea of the story
3. Get the characters
4. Add a heavy comic element
5. Expand

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I added one of my parodies Larry Cropper and the Ordinary Stone in the last step .

Step 1: Decision

Picture of Decision
A parody suits only those books that are famous or really deserve to be parodied. I specefically chose Harry Potter. You can chose any there are numerous others as well.
jgibson113 years ago
I need to know what to do over the story Macbeth
TigerNod3 years ago
Dumbledude, lol
Re-design4 years ago
ghostrider25 years ago
awesome.  just replace hip hop with classic rock and you have a great story.
JohnJY5 years ago
 Satire is a much better for of wit and humor, for examples:
"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift. 
Cat's Cradle  
So forth so on. 

DemonsKat5 years ago
That was AMAZINGLY awesome! It made me laugh mostly because I'm not a fan of Happy Potter so this gave me a real fun time reading your little passage of Larry Cropper and The Ordinary Stone! I'd love to read more of it!
XunXuns6 years ago
thx, I got a big help
mariomurder7 years ago
the story not the instruct. the instruct was good
duck-lemon7 years ago
hey dis is pretty cool-awesome!
elise2537 years ago
this book is amazing and it was so diffent from the the real harry potter book that i read it two days elise253 it was awesome
blckthng (author)  elise2537 years ago
Which book precisely? My version or barry trotter?
Shifrin7 years ago
Sweet Great Job!
Shifrin Shifrin7 years ago
I'm extremely suprised that this hasn't attracted many people, this its an awesome Instructable! +1! -Alex Shifrin
hey shifrin i love the way you commented Barry Trotter elise253
What do you mean? -Alex
blckthng (author)  Shifrin7 years ago
natnie7 years ago
I own Barry Trotter. Great book. Never ever have I read a real Harry Potter book, and never plan to.
lol larry cropper