Step 2: Create a Rapper Name

Every good rapper got a name, to shine in lights when they get hit with the fame.

Before you write your rap you need a name to publish it under. Some people use their real full names like, Kanye West. Some people use a middle name like Drake (Audrey Drake Graham). While some people use random names that literally are untraceable to their real names, like Classified (Luke Boyd). In my case I belong to a 'rap gang' which goes by kR3w. kr3w consists of three members currently: Pawesome, Tigrrr & Cheese.

An Example of a rap name choice by my teacher:

A good site to help pick a rap name is: http://www.myrapname.com/
thanks beautiful i say that because of your profile pic☺
what kind of person r u who says &quot;if u dont read my instructable, ur lyrics will be crap, u no what ur CRAP and if i follow your instructions MY song will b crap, so i rather not follow those AND u mighht want 2 learn something called MANNERS <br>P.S. my song will b better than ur's if i DONT follow ur instructions
awesome <br>

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