Step 6: Now What?

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Good question. And a bit beyond the scope of this instructable.
For me, I perform my songs live, record them, make CDs, give them away or sell them at my shows or in local stores. And no, I haven't quit my day job.

(My music pages are here; and here, videos are here, free mp3 downloads of everything I've ever recorded is here)

Another thing to do is try to market your songs. Good luck with that; it's a lot of work... but you'll get a paycheck now and then if somebody records it. If you don't play, look around for players willing to give your song a try. Hit your local open mic. Join a songwriting contest. Sing around the campfire.

But regardless of what you do with your song, work on it a little. Do a great job on it. Think about what music has meant to you; that one song that really hit you hard when you heard it on the radio or that movie soundtrack... why not shoot for that? Even if the world doesn't get to hear it, you'll know that you did good work, and that's fulfilling enough to be well worth the attempt. Right?

Mr_Altitude2 years ago
I wrote a song for my mom today (It's mother's day.)
mcraghead (author)  Mr_Altitude2 years ago
bogdan.b2 years ago
Hey Mike!
Thanks a lot for this instructable. At the 5th step I found some inspiration to write something and it was my first time in my life when I tried to write anything similar to a song. It went pretty fast and after I finished it(the draft) I read the part where you said to leave it alone for a while and then come back.
Thanks a lot!
mcraghead (author)  bogdan.b2 years ago
Hey there bogdan.b,

You are most welcome, glad it helped!

Whales5 years ago
 This instructable is less of a how-to and more of an inspiration with alittle help on how. Makes me think of when they fire off rockets,(like small little ones) they have a stick that the rocket shoots off and the stick gives it some guidance then it's on it's own and probably heading right where it needs to.
JayV6 years ago
This Instructable really helped me. Thanks!