Introduction: How to Write Circular Gallifreyan (Doctor Who)

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Today We are gonna learn how to do the easiest form of Circular Gallifreyan!

Step 1: Alphabet and Punctuation

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make sure you have the alphabet and the punctuation on your compputer or written down.. you can look these up on google!

Step 2: Know How to Write a Word

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First you start with a circle then counter-clockwise you jot your letters down.. if you are doing this on paper you are gonna need a pencil not a pen! We are going to write "Doctor" then so on and so on

Step 3: Know How to Write "Who"

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Then we just write WHO

Step 4: Sentences

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This is basically the same thing with the words but with the word circles in a big sentence circle!

Step 5: Punctuation

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Punctuation sheet there is a line for EVERY punctuation and the top part of it is the outside part of the circle!

Step 6: Add Some Gallifreyan-Like Decorations and Your Finished!

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finish the look off with a few lines here and there and then there you have it! circular gallifreyan!


RosemaryP1 (author)2017-07-24

Really, really nice. I wish it wasn't only for upgraded accounts to download it.

I am writing a fan letter to the 12th Doctor wishing him farewell and how much I liked him as MY Doctor (sorry Smith & Tennant fans, Capaldi will always be my Doctor), and I'd love to put a Gallifreyan symbol for "12 is My Doctor" for the letterhead. Who knows, maybe Peter will be able to read it!!

Roran516 (author)2015-04-12

Great work. If you want to go further, I recommend the Gallifreyan Pendant tutorial. It has a link to a rather intricate way of doing it that works out really well. Also, the pendants are cool. Great job though

tomatoskins (author)2015-02-04

This is really cool! I'd love to see this engraved on something!

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