Introduction: How to Write on Paper With a Tooth Pick? Find Out!!!!

Learn how you can turn an ordinary tooth pick into a writing Utensil, Comes in very helpful when you need to write something and there is no Pencil to be found,


maovi (author)2011-07-14


brandom741 (author)2008-10-28

ha ha useless? are you jealous?

ara (author)brandom7412008-10-29

i'm not jealous. in my country this ideea is too simple even for childrens, is a common sense thing. i'm sorry for disturbing the comunity, a flag for my little message/opinion don't make me happy ... and apologise for my poor english

Alcreion (author)ara2009-01-20

we'll see when your locked in a room and all you have is a tooth pick and a fire to write something :3

sorinescu (author)2008-10-28

That's how the big writers started their careers! :)

wibrle (author)2008-10-28

I never would have thought of that....Cool!!

brandom741 (author)2008-10-28

You rock again.

gagfilms (author)2008-10-28

Very cool!

greeenpro (author)2008-10-28

Ahhh...back to the old days..nice. Great eraser idea too.

ChappyShowcase (author)2008-10-28

Cool, resourceful idea dude!

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