You will need some calligraphy or fountain pens, preferably in black!

Step 1: Look at the Pictures!

Using these guides, write down the symbols spelling out your name. Remember, vowels always go above the letter before, but if your name starts with a vowel, put the symbol above the next consonant!

Step 2: Here's My Name!

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<p>What if I have two vowels in a row?</p>
<p>bloody brilliant mate always wanted to write in elvish</p>
<p>epic man :) </p>
What do you do if you have a consonant, then a vowel then another vowel? Eg. bia
<p>You would put it above a vertical line (which i like to call a filler) in strict elvish. Or, since elvish is a language that really has no rules, you can (this will probably not work in your case) put them BOTH over the previous consonant.</p>
I love lotr this is perfect!!
I'm not sure, sorry xx thanks for commenting though
That's so cool! :)

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