How To customize Kicks (Paint Shoes) the Mofoz Visualz Way

Picture of How To customize Kicks (Paint Shoes) the Mofoz Visualz Way
This instructable will show you how to paint sneakers, customize kicks, the Mofoz Visualz Way. This instructional is applicable with all leather shoes/boots.

For more pictures of this project and more info on Mofoz Visualz custom apparel...visit
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Step 1: Step 1 :Preparing a Sneaker/Shoe for paint

Picture of Step 1 :Preparing a Sneaker/Shoe for paint
Here's what you need: Acetate (Nail Polish Remover), Cotton Swabs, Q-tips, Fine line brush, medium line brush, Professional leather paint (mostly can only be found online), Soft Painters Tape, Acrylic finisher (Sealant), Airbrush (our preference) and about 15 hours.

Step 1:
Take off laces and clean shoe with cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step in customizing. As you rub the doused cotton balls over the shoe, you will notice that there is a clear build up that comes off the shoe-thats the idea. Essentially, this step is to remove the "clear coat" that most manufacturers spray on their shoes to protect them. It's a must to remove this so that the paint will bond directly to the leather as opposed to the clear coat.

If the clear coat is left , chances are that the paint will crack after some wear.

I like to go over the shoe at least 3 good times. If you want to go that extra step, use doused q-tips to get into the hard edges and sections.

Let dry/evaporate for at least 30 minutes before painting.

NOTE: If you are painting on colored leather, be careful and rub lighly, as you may go too far and discolor some parts of leather, you may not be planning on painting over.
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liatuk10 months ago

do you customize other people shoes as well?

I do custom shoes for people email me if you're interested
does the cost depend on the design?
oli couts1 month ago
Who can make these
oli couts1 month ago
Who can make my huaraches
Fancy Kickz made it!1 month ago

Thank you so much for the wonderful guide! I was able to paint these sneakers, sadly I lost the shoelaces to them. These are the resluts.

BaeBae22 months ago
What paint you use because my paint won't stick
DIYDragon3 months ago

Wow, nice job. I really want to customize some shoes now. I think I might have to buy another pair though. I don't have any that are white right now. xD Nice job dude.

DIYDragon3 months ago

Wow, nice job. I really want to customize some shoes now. I think I might have to buy another pair though. I don't have any that are white right now. xD Nice job dude.

Swagg115 months ago
What type of airbrush kit did you get
LubnaA15 months ago

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LibaR6 months ago

hi welcome to this article and buy low price shoes and comfortable footwear i like this very much

LibaR6 months ago

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blade.durso9 months ago

Where can I get an airbrush and can I get a metallic gold paint for these?

Dopest_KICKS9 months ago

what type of air brush did you use and, how did it cost?

gluvit1 year ago
Love it
Fresh_Pair1 year ago
How you mixed ur paint wit and do u know how to remove clear from elephant print
cool guy, do you have a store?
John3452 years ago
Hi, I was wondering how to paint the midsole and outer sole of the sneaker, thanks!
reindeer303 years ago
What air force 1 shoes did you use? are they the Ari force 1 mids?
Do u thin your paint before you put the paint threw the air brush?
adammorin3 years ago
Do you guys have any tips for painting the sole or the swoosh? I know the swoosh is the same materials as the rest of the shoe, but the sole is rubber, and I don't know if the leather paint would bond as well (if at all).
Ls9113 years ago
okay thanks . is angelus better than createx and do i have to use a angelus finisher with angelus paint or could i use a createx finisher im customizing foamposites
Ls9113 years ago
what kind of sealent do you recommend? ( an exact name ) i can not find any accept for spray paints .. should i use a spray paint or use the airbrush for the sealent and do i even need sealent?
mofozvisualz (author)  Ls9113 years ago
I use angelus brand paint sealnt, they sell it in various glosses. I generally airbrush it over the painted parts of the shoe as well to avoid any brushmarks or stray hairs from brushes mess with the continuity of the gloss.
chris991634 years ago
Can i paint over a darker colored shoe?
chris991634 years ago
ok thank you
chris991634 years ago
So this might be a stupid question, but does the leather paint go right into the airbrush? or do i do something different?
mofozvisualz (author)  chris991634 years ago
yup- the leather paint essentially is an acrylic with added something to make it flexible. Most of the paint ive used is good enough to put right through the airbrush without having to thin it.
!revenge!4 years ago
lol, I was in school today. and I got so bored I just took off my old shoes and just started drawing on them with a permanent marker xD, it failed so hard but I don't care
threadbare5 years ago
What kind of paint is best for custom painting sneaks? I'm going to custom paint a pair and I want it to last a long time.
mofozvisualz (author)  threadbare5 years ago
Its extremely hard to find "local" stores that carry leather specific paint. Ive bought all my paint online..brands ive used include Angelus, Hook Up (no longer made), and Sole Junkie.

Some customizers mix their own...but im not sure what they ad to make the paint flexible...someone should write an instructable on that.
Molotow, the graffitti company, says that their (and I guess all) acrylic paint can be mixed with 1 to 3% of aceton in order to paint leather.

I haven't tried it though.
I think I'm going to try Angelus, that's the one that I've hear of before. Thanks.
okay. this is ganna sound a little dumb to me but, does it have to be an all white shoe? i have the same air forces, but the swoosh and the out sole are black. can i just layer over the black? this is a really good instructable and i hope that it will help me. btw, do you have one that i can use for my chucks?
mofozvisualz (author)  xXsome_guyXx4 years ago
The shoes do not have to be all white to begin with, however, it may take more coats to paint a lighter shade. If you are going to paint lets say a black leather with the same amount of yellow coats on these shoes, then it may not have that bright of a shade. Id recommend painting a thin coat or two of white first, if you are intending a stark contrast.

For example- check these pics of our custom "Dia de Los Dunks" .I painted a yellow floral pattern on the swoosh. I wanted the yellow to be just as vibrant as it was on the white portion of the shoe (outline of characters). In doing this I first pinted the floral patter with roughly 3-4 coats of white, this insured thatthe yellow would really pop off the blue instead of it being subdued into it.
diadunks 014.jpgdiadunks 015.jpgdiadunks 006.jpg
toogers5 years ago
nice! they look like bananasplit kicks.
threadbare5 years ago
Are the Angelus paints mixable to make new colors? If I buy the primary colors are they true primary colors and don't turn muddy? Thanks.
mofozvisualz (author)  threadbare5 years ago
they are pretty true..easy to mix.
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