How to Do Macro Photography With Smartphone!





Introduction: How to Do Macro Photography With Smartphone!

Step 1: Take a Camera Disposable

You need a disposable camera and the first thing to do, is open!

Step 2: Pick Up Lens!

inside the camera, you can find a small lens...take it and put it aside.

Step 3: Old Cover or Rubber Band!

take an old cover for your smartphone, and finds a way to fix the small lens on the camera...

if you have a iphone you can fix the lens between the personal cover and the phone without fixed, because the camera of iphone is small.

in my case i have used two alternative.

1- stick the lens on an old cover with hot glue, to create one piece

2 -use an elastic band with a hole, and put it between covers-smartphone... to create a small thickness and make the fixed lens

Step 4: Look the Difference!

This is the difference before and after the special lens!
for this project you don't pay NOTHING, you can find all object IN YOUR HOME !

thank you for your attention and stay tuned

- ⓁⓤⓓⓋⓘⓒ



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I think this is one of the most amazing ideas I've ever seen to improve a camera on a smartphone. I've really gotten lots of beautiful photos from it.