How to Make a Moss Pit for Hermit Crabs!





Introduction: How to Make a Moss Pit for Hermit Crabs!

About: I like to make stuff, and I enjoy hermit crabs!

Hermit crabs are really enjoyable pets. and they love to climb.

During the day, hermit crabs go up into the trees to sleep. then they come down in the evenings and scavenge for food.

Moss can be found in trees in their tropical habitat. So a moss pit simulates a tree!

Step 1: You Will Need.......

Alright, so you will need a plastic container, (preferably a shower caddy) ***THAT DOESN'T CONTAIN LEAD, OR PVC!***

Some old time fishing net, lizard ladder, or vine type plastic plant. this will be your hermit crabs' way into the pit.

And reptile moss, string, and suction cups.

Step 2: Build It!

Tie the netting on to the container. next use the suction cups to attach the container to the side wall of the tank (thats why you make this in the corner of the tank) . Then stuff the netting (thats hanging)  into the bedding. ***TIP: Make sure it's sturdy!  this HAS to hold your crabs' weight!***

Now add the moss to the container!

Step 3: Finishing Things Up!

Your now finished! you can throw a few shells in the pit for your crabs, and maybe make a "shell shop" underneath the pit! YOUR HERMIES WILL LOVE THIS!!!



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    Are plastic plants okay for hermies? I've been wondering for awhile...

    wheres a good place to buy healthy hermit crabs?
    because one time i bought  one from petsmart and he died 2 hours later..
    something popped out of his chest..=(

    3 replies

    I bought mine down South Padre Island Texas I've had him for 2 years I've had two other ones I bought afterwards here here in San Antonio and they died within 8 months

    He was probably missing his home and all of his friends... and his little heart just broke.


    lol gross.

    Not sure about forest moss, but moss from your backyard is NOT ok unless sterilized.

    how do you make a habbitact (or crabittact)

    It great man.. good Habitat too

    I want make crabitats like your :)

    Where do you find a shower caddy that small