Picture of How To make Rainbow Loom Starburst
Hello Instructablers,
This is a tutorial which would show you how to make Rainbow Loom StarBurst. If you want to make this bracelet that is shown above you will need the following.
~Rubber Bands
~C clip or S clip

Step 1: THE BASE

Place one rubber band from the middle peg to diagonally up to the left go straight up and put a rubber band diagonally to the middle now do the other side exactly the same
Cody6875 made it!5 months ago
I made one for my sister
halie whitaker made it!5 months ago

It is actually really easy!!!!!

Starburst loomer made it!6 months ago

Awesome instructable! Very clear pictures and thanks to you I know how to make a starburst? Please make more loom band instructables


If you didn't understand just watch a video. Videos always help

On the part where the crochet hook looks like it is through two black loops - thread a black/whatever colour band you're using) through the existing ones on the loom. Hook that on the crochet hook. Took me my second attempt to realise that!

Hope this helps! xxx

Loom Rocker7 months ago

i made it with a fork

Confused about the looping.

Jacintha-LeeP8 months ago

Thanks so much for teaching me how to make this bracelet. Next I'll try Dragon Scale, I love that bracelet as well as this one.

Really detailed tutorial. Thank you.

For those who are confused check out the Mastermind Toys Channel at YouTube and search for this bracelet.

btw I made it and it's really easy.

At the last part when you take it off you should have another band for extension and DON'T remove the extra band or else everything will be miserable.

hope this helped u all

tiffanylin1978 made it!1 year ago

Rainbow not necessary! LOL

really awesome, thx, took a few tries but I got it right
Yanaguchi31 year ago

Do u know why it fell apart?

Because you didn't put them all together in one band!

rbailey20 made it!1 year ago

Fantastic design and very easy to make - here's my first attempt! (I didn't have the colours used above but I'm definitely making this again!)


can u make a two fishtail

i can make a double fishtail

sammy2731 year ago

too hard but thank you

Great tutorial! ! This was easy to follow and fun to make. I hope to see more instructables!

bestepp1 year ago

It was fun making it

ILuvHorses1 year ago

its so easy to make!!

I want to make it so bad and I wish I had the set but can only get at tuggerah or lincraft
foobear1 year ago

High marks for a good looking result and very explicit photos! (I'm still an idiot who needs video though!)

mheymad1 year ago
where did you buy the thing to loop the rubber bands on?
crazymustacheluver (author)  mheymad1 year ago


pattiigg1 year ago
Thank you! I've been trying to make this bracelet but most tutorials got confusing when i would start looping but i finally got it...8 )
This is tricky you have to understand the double part very carefully
i cant follow
does this work with knock-off brands?
bands are bands.
I'm going to make ten of these!
drnation1 year ago
I am having trouble following what to do.
rgamez21 year ago
i have a hard time trying to do the loops
pretty colors :3 thnx for the tips
roballoba1 year ago
lovely design!
always rainbows :)
Thats cool/ weird
I love rainbows :D
me to