Hello Instructablers,
This is a tutorial which would show you how to make Rainbow Loom StarBurst. If you want to make this bracelet that is shown above you will need the following.
~Rubber Bands
~C clip or S clip

Step 1: THE BASE

Place one rubber band from the middle peg to diagonally up to the left go straight up and put a rubber band diagonally to the middle now do the other side exactly the same
<p>I made it! It is awesome! I made mine rainbow! Thanks for the tutorial!</p>
I made one for my sister
<p>It is actually really easy!!!!!</p>
<p>Awesome instructable! Very clear pictures and thanks to you I know how to make a starburst? Please make more loom band instructables</p>
<p>i made it with a fork</p>
<p>Confused about the looping.</p>
<p>Thanks so much for teaching me how to make this bracelet. Next I'll try Dragon Scale, I love that bracelet as well as this one. </p><p>Really detailed tutorial. Thank you.</p>
<p>For those who are confused check out the Mastermind Toys Channel at YouTube and search for this bracelet.</p><p>btw I made it and it's really easy. </p><p>At the last part when you take it off you should have another band for extension and DON'T remove the extra band or else everything will be miserable.</p><p>hope this helped u all</p>
<p>Rainbow not necessary! LOL</p>
really awesome, thx, took a few tries but I got it right<br>
<p>Do u know why it fell apart?</p><p>Because you didn't put them all together in one band!</p>
<p>Fantastic design and very easy to make - here's my first attempt! (I didn't have the colours used above but I'm definitely making this again!)</p>
<p>can u make a two fishtail </p>
<p><strong>i can make a double fishtail</strong></p>
<p>too hard but thank you</p>
<p>Great tutorial! ! This was easy to follow and fun to make. I hope to see more instructables!</p>
<p>It was fun making it </p>
<p>its so easy to make!!</p>
I want to make it so bad and I wish I had the set but can only get at tuggerah or lincraft
<p>High marks for a good looking result and very explicit photos! (I'm still an idiot who needs video though!)</p>
where did you buy the thing to loop the rubber bands on?
Thank you! I've been trying to make this bracelet but most tutorials got confusing when i would start looping but i finally got it...8 )
This is tricky you have to understand the double part very carefully
i cant follow
does this work with knock-off brands?
bands are bands.
I'm going to make ten of these!
I am having trouble following what to do.
i have a hard time trying to do the loops
pretty colors :3 thnx for the tips
lovely design! <br>
always rainbows :)
Thats cool/ weird
I love rainbows :D
me to <br>

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Bio: I can make ANY rainbow loom bracelet you just ask me!!!!
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