Picture of How To make a Guitar Amp (Cheap)!!!
This cost me around 7 bucks to make this including all the materials for the box

This is very easy to make it only took me about 3 hours to put everything together.
It give a nice clear sound and also has a distortion fuzz knob for electric guitars
i used this schematic from Flickr user cairn_idris who has made a much
more readable circuit drawing and posted it here.If you follow this exactly then you
should have no problems.Its best to test it out on a Bread board before you start
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Step 1:

Picture of
I bought all these parts at my local radio shack.
You can also buy them online though.This list
Was created by Aidan Collins and edited by Me.

IC chip, LM386N

220µf electrolytic capacitor

100µf electrolytic capacitor

0.047µf ceramic capacitor

0.01µf ceramic capacitor

10Ω resistor

5kΩ Audio-taper Potentiometer

25Ω Rheostat variable resistor

8Ω speaker

toggle switch

¼” mono phone jack


circuit board

hookup wire

9-volt battery or supply

Step 2: Tools

Picture of Tools
You will also need these tools





Soldering Iron

Step 3: Assembling

Picture of Assembling
First you should test it out on a bread board.
After that if it all works you can move on to the
circuit board.I am using a parallel circuit board
but you can use a single cell board.Start by putting
on all the pieces and then begin soldering the pieces
to the board before moving on the the pots and speaker

Step 4: Putting on the Pots and Speaker

Picture of Putting on the Pots and Speaker
Next after soldering the components to the board you can
start adding the pots.Its best to stat with the 5k pot because
its easier to put on first.Next we can add the Variable resistance
and the speaker.Make sure you wire everything correctly according
to the schematic and test it out!

Step 5: The Box

Picture of The Box
I made a quick box out of cement board and wood
and hit it with a quick(and lazy ;) coat of black spray

Step 6: Done!!

Picture of Done!!
Almost done.Just hook up everything according to you box
that you made (if you made one) and done!
pmadithya2 years ago
Nice Work!!!!!!... Metal head here.. could you please post a diagram showing the components that u have used here.I'm not able to find out from the second diagram which capacitor you have used where.
Ravage32 (author)  pmadithya1 year ago
Sorry for the late reply. All i used was a electric capacitor instead of a ceramic one because i didn't have one at the time. It still worked perfectly. Cheers!

Ravage32..i coudn,t find a o.o1uf capacitor.. will i have an option..

ajampala5 months ago
plz post a video on youtube and i beg u plz send me a proper circuit diagram schematic of the same to
because in your prototype image u have not mentioned the places of ceramic capacitor
ManishS36 months ago


Ravage32 (author) pmadithya do make me a same one.....actually now this days i m suffering from money crises.so, plz suggest me to build an amp around 5000...as best as possible.......my e-mail id-mshoney506@gmai.com..........this help not for me only for rock \m/-\m/

jjfishboy1 year ago

can you post a video please? (I really need to know how loud this amp is!!!) :-)

RezLar1 year ago

Are the resistors 10 ohm or 10k ohm?

Roshihyde1 year ago
What would I do different if I have a 6 ohm speaker?
Ravage32 (author)  Roshihyde1 year ago
Probably get a 8 ohm one
kvuković11 year ago
one question...
did u or did u not changed (switched) 5k pot and rheostat cause in the 4th part i think u did it.
Phoghat2 years ago
Nice work. Made one meself and instead of building a cabinet, used a 5 L beer can. Works great.
Ravage32 (author)  Phoghat1 year ago
That's awesome haha