This cost me around 7 bucks to make this including all the materials for the box

This is very easy to make it only took me about 3 hours to put everything together.
It give a nice clear sound and also has a distortion fuzz knob for electric guitars
i used this schematic from Flickr user cairn_idris who has made a much
more readable circuit drawing and posted it here.If you follow this exactly then you
should have no problems.Its best to test it out on a Bread board before you start

Step 1:

I bought all these parts at my local radio shack.
You can also buy them online though.This list
Was created by Aidan Collins and edited by Me.

IC chip, LM386N

220µf electrolytic capacitor

100µf electrolytic capacitor

0.047µf ceramic capacitor

0.01µf ceramic capacitor

10Ω resistor

5kΩ Audio-taper Potentiometer

25Ω Rheostat variable resistor

8Ω speaker

toggle switch

¼” mono phone jack


circuit board

hookup wire

9-volt battery or supply

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