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The Hunger Games heroine, Katniss Everdeen, has fought many epic battles. Whether they are in the arena,woods, or the Capitol, she always has her signature braid whipping back and forth as she fires her arrows. Now, even though, you are probably not getting ready to go to war with the Capitol or fight to death in the arena, this braid is still an easy and stylish choice for any event.

Step 1: Materials


What You Need

  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Tie (preferably a small one that matches your hair color)

  • Hairspray (optional)

  • Bobby Pins (optional)

  • Head of medium-long length hair *this is very important =D

  • Knowledge of a basic three strand braid

    *If you have bangs and you want to separate them from the braid, make sure you leave them out!

Step 2: Preperation

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Brush out all the hair. This will ensure that there are no knots in it and you can braid with ease. Make sure to also take a couple of deep breaths and remember not to rush. Patience is Key. You will have to practice the braid a few times before perfecting it. So, if you are planning on wearing this braid for a special event, this is important to keep in mind ( ; Enjoy!

Step 3: Beginning the Braid

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Grab a small chunk of hair about an inch and a half above your ear ( just eyeballing this part works, too). Split this piece of hair into three equal sections. The section closest to the top of your head will be section number one. The one in the middle will be section two, and the one closest to the bottom of your head will be section number three.

Step 4: Beginning the Braid

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Move the third section of hair under the second section (these two sections are now labeled differently) and move the first section under the second section.

Step 5: Adding Hair Into Your Braid

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Add a small piece of hair to section three on the bottom. Then, move section three (with the new piece of hair) under section two. Then do the same thing with section one. After you have added the piece of hair in, move it under section two. Continue doing this as you weave your hair into the braid.

Step 6: Almost Complete

Picture of Almost Complete

As you are reaching the end of your braid, you will start running out of hair to incorporate into the braid. Do not worry (: Just continue repeating the same steps but without adding hair in. When you reach the end use a hair tie to secure the braid.

Step 7: You Did It!

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Now that you are completely done with the braid, feel free to play around with your look. You can start bobby pinning any sections that are loose or sticking out of the braid. You can also make your braid appear larger and add more volume to it by tucking at the outer sides of your braid. Feel free to make it as messy or as neat as you would like.

Step 8: Showing Off Your Awesome Look

Picture of Showing Off Your Awesome Look

When you finally feel satisfied with the outcome of your braid, use some hairspray to lock your look in place and..... !VOILA! Get ready for a day of compliments and looks of jealousy from strangers,friends, and/or enemies. This is a hairstyle that no one can resist! ( :


NicoleS151 (author)2016-05-19


Aubrienna (author)2015-11-18

Cool! I like it. It's very similar to a lace braid. Unfortunatly it looks better on thick hair, which I do not have.

I get it. I have thin hair 2. It stinks.

Samaya14 (author)2015-07-07

so it <3 :)

foreversinging (author)2015-02-03


ojeda8th (author)foreversinging2015-02-09

Thank you ( :

foreversinging (author)ojeda8th2015-02-09

No problemo! :)

ojeda8th (author)2015-01-14

Thank you so much ( :

ojeda8th (author)2015-01-14

Thank you so much ( :

Chloe sandra (author)2015-01-05

that really does look like katniss's hair love her hair i work at a salon and thats the kind of hair the people do but i do better still i love it

El_Gato (author)2014-12-18

I agree. Her Hair is Great. The style Looks very good. Bet my daughters would like it, but they have thinner hair (like probably most Women)

ojeda8th (author)El_Gato2014-12-18

This style looks great with any type of hair. If you are worried the braid will not look as full, just use the fanning out technique I show in step 7. I would love for you to try it!

kiwi-makes-things2000 (author)2014-12-17


I really love your hair.I never watch the hunger games,but I love the style!

Thank you! This is actually my friend's hair. I am the person doing the braid .

seamster (author)2014-12-17

Great tutorial!

ojeda8th (author)seamster2014-12-17

Thank you!

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