Introduction: How To:handy Man Prospector

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there are few steps to be a handy prospector.

we're gonna need these things

(x<40watt) solder iron

screw driver set

Step 1: Find the Possible.

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any thing in sight can be a treasure!

Step 2: Collect the Possible.

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collect any thing that can serve you. capacitors,copper cables,resistors.non usable electric motors(small ones),springs

and the most important one

Step 3: Bring It On!! Like THe Rock Says :D

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with some handiness skills and sets of prospected parts you can fix nearly everything. Nearly! from simple small items like glasses to medium sized ones.

all pictures self taken except the first pic (taken 4om google)++++++++

Step 4: Suprise!

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Fun time! :p

today's persian idiom:

she/he has from chicken's milk to human's life
::which means someone who has anything you can imagine of

have fun ^_^


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