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Hello guys! This Instructable is about how to play a Flash game offline with IE, Opera, Chrome and Firefox.....

I am trying to upload a .zip file with all of the videos, but it may take a while......

Step 1: Fire Fox Method 1

Picture of Fire Fox Method 1
  • Method 1: for Fire Fox

Step One:
Fully load any game....here's an example.....
Step Two:
once fully loaded, right click to the side of the game and select "View Page Info"....

Step Three:
Goto the media tab and select the embed file with the .swf extension
step Four:

Mehod 2:For Fire Fox
(this is the same as the method for Opera)

Step One:
You can use that same game as you used before....Make sure to fully load it.

Step Two:
Right click again, to the side of the game. This time, select View Source.

Step Three:
GoTo Edit>find> and search for .swf...

Step Four:
Once found, copy the contents up to the period
example below
Step Five:
Replace the url of http://crazymonkeygames.com/Tactical-Assassin-Substratum.html
with: http://crazymonkeygames.com/jkf6Tr/tacticalassassinsubstratum.swf

Calponi.6 months ago

There are multiple Reasons to try and want to download a flashgame to harddrive. I don't exactly see the point of the instructible here though... well, it eliminates alot of other memory-hungry stuff on those sites, so well, there you go.

I use file2hd . com (remove spaces) to filter the swf (doesn't work for kongregate or armorgames, since they have unique versions which only play on those sites, probably because of scoring system)

Reason 1: I don't have to load the game anew everytime I want to play. I already have it.

Reason 2: Most flash games cannot be played on Full-Screen, except if you load the swf file with a program for that, which then can go full screen.

Reason 3: simple convenience: I can organize my swf files freely without the need to search for an older game. I also am safer when it comes to loosing save-files. And so on.

Reason 4: It eliminates ALL lag issues, which can be the product of many things, notably a bad connection or bad coding. Offline those things don't bother you.

file2HD actually has been revamped, and will work on armor games and Kong, but my question is: I've downloaded the game, but adobe flash player won't play it - help? It'l show the intro screen, but won't go further to play the game

pointgameslord made it!7 months ago

i don't understand why this. You can play online for free without any
problem, do not have to play offline, do not understand the meaning. GTA Games is alternative source for online flash games.



Consider this: you have a laptop, and you like a game online. if you leave the house, or your internet's out you can't play that game - download it, or use this method, and that way there's no hassle

werose3 months ago

I think it is the best way but as I think not all websites games allow to you to get their games and play it offline or download it

rajkumarsingh made it!1 year ago

I rajkumar singh

Razzpandeit (3) - Copy.jpg
jfurguson3 years ago
how do you download a flash game with multiple files like this one: https://www.wizard101.com/onlinegames/grubguardian
Ahshay3 years ago
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vmccann3 years ago
sorry i have tryed all the steps still can't get any games from fb, to work at all
can u help please ????
RedFlash6 years ago
I am trying to download the heist 2 but when i have downloaded it, it says: Play this game at Addicting games.com. But I don't want to... How can I get around this?
fwjs28 (author)  RedFlash6 years ago
RedFlash fwjs286 years ago
nah. It's THE HEIST 2. It's only just come out. I can download it, but I can't play it. It says You can play this game at the website: www.addictinggames.com and doesn't let me play it. I tried the skip controls on the flash player, but it still stayed there
fwjs28 (author)  RedFlash6 years ago
o...try another flash player, and are you using IE, or firefox...b/c sometimes there are multiple .swf files...make sure you have the right one....
RedFlash fwjs286 years ago
I have tried flash player 7, 8, and 10. Not a peep out of them. I am dying to play that game...
fwjs28 (author)  RedFlash6 years ago
Did u let it completey load in the browser? Are you surr it's a flash game? Just give me a link and I can try
yippyj-p6 years ago
out of all the ways This was by far the best for me.Thanks heaps!!
fwjs28 (author)  yippyj-p6 years ago
you're welcome...please rate it....
gonturan6 years ago
Why use the MySpace bulletin feature when you have this nifty comment feature right here?

See, it works!
Cool a hack!
dombeef dombeef6 years ago
*For the 99999999... money!
fwjs28 (author)  gonturan6 years ago
wow! i just blew threw about 3 hours....fun game...howver, i dont quite get your comment...
gonturan fwjs286 years ago
I was referring to the Internet explorer step. If you right click on the link and save 'save target as' it saves, as outlined in step 4. However, step 4 says you could use the myspace bulletin feature, which struck me as odd as you can just use the comment feature here (I'm using it now) and preview it. The version in that link gives you infinite (almost) cash, as it is a modded version of Defender Y3K. This is the real version, from the official website.
fwjs28 (author)  gonturan6 years ago
oo....at the time i posted this, instructables didnt have a preview comment feature....ill have to edit that
gonturan fwjs286 years ago
Oh, I didn't know that... I see you have a new profile image...
fwjs28 (author)  gonturan6 years ago
yes i do!
dombeef6 years ago
How about Safari?
fwjs28 (author)  dombeef6 years ago
hrmm..good idea, ill have to download it..Thanks!
fwjs28 (author)  fwjs286 years ago
it shouldn't be too hard tho...
dombeef fwjs286 years ago
Oh ok Thanks!
dombeef dombeef6 years ago
And on mac...
Aeshir6 years ago
Shockwave? What? This is Flash. Shockwave has been out of date for many years.
fwjs28 (author)  Aeshir6 years ago
Any suggestions?
Aeshir Aeshir6 years ago
Oh, I do like the Instructable, lol. Whoops.
fwjs28 (author)  Aeshir6 years ago
o...really?....ok ill change it.....thank you