Introduction: How WiFi Affects Cells- a Google Global Science Fair Project

This is my video for the Google Global Science Fair.

WiFi is a fairly new technology used by millions and millions of people. The problem is that many people believe that WiFi is harmful, but others believe it is not.
When I researched about WiFi and its health effects, I found both positive and negative things about it. So I wanted to know, "who is right?"

That was the reason for doing this project. Since there was no way to know if the research done on WiFi and its health effects is correct, I decided that a good way to see if WiFi is harming us is to do an experiment that I can see with my own eyes. The rules of the Google Global Science Fair states that human/animal subjects could not be used except for previously done research or observation, so I used various cells (yeast, lactobacillus, and liver) to investigate the effects of WiFi.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-09-16


It looks like your video is missing! Please update your video link and reply to this comment to let me know you are done.

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moking (author)2012-10-19

A wi-Fi experiment or a microwave oven cook-in, for thats all it is. The experiment at a fairly low level of microwave radiation but for along period would partly or totally cook the samples. As this has already been done in a standard microwave oven millions of times all over the world, I can't see the experiment breaking any new boundries. Try doing the same with samples exposed to 2-5 million volts and you may or may not have something

articice (author)2011-10-02

I'm aware of the "be nice" comment policy, but..

Mock displays like these is exactly what makes the establishment look solid and consistent, and puts dissidents under a bad light as immature schoolchildren to the eyes of common people.
It's obvious, that the experiment was poorly done and accounts for nothing. Moreover, the report video is even more pathetic, edging with comedy. Finally, there was no attempt made to provide a model that explains the "results" obtained.
I would like to say, that AFAIK current science as a state of art doesn't have any proven model on weak microwaves and bio-matter interaction, and serious technological & scientific progress including re-evaluation of current methods is required to provide one.

Dear PRO "ANDY!", I don't know if you are an ignorant kid or a big fat troll, but I suggest you grow up first, and then study this using modern scientific methods.

ps: IMHO a serious change in our social order is also required to take something, that doesn't immediately kill people or is not-so-easy to prove harmful off such a lucrative market.

carlosgatos (author)2011-04-06

Andy, what is your final conclusion about Wi-Fi? After the results you jokingly tell viewers to wear a "tin foil hat" around Wi-Fi. I found your experiment interesting but am not clear about your final conclusion. Is it dangerous?

Algag (author)carlosgatos2011-06-03

yes, and i am also confused on what was wrapped in tin-foil that he put in the (im assuming) Faraday cage, because that could adversely affect the results

ANDY! (author)2011-04-12

If you need more info on my experiment, everything is on
I apoligize for those who do not understand english very well, but I can't change the video anymore right now.

rimar2000 (author)2011-04-06

Andy, please add captions to your video. Non anglophone people (I am one of these) can often read and understand English, but don't understand a word when heard. Your experiment seems well done, by the little I could see.

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