If you ever wanted to make a big igloo and didn't, now you will

Step 1: Find Your Source of Ice

Usually it can be snow or a lot of freezers in one place

Step 2: Put Your Ice in One Place That You Can Get to Pretty Easily

Put your ice in one place that you can get to pretty easily.

Step 3: Very Careful Step:

Stack it up from the bottom to the top until you have a big mound or you run out of ice.

Step 4: The Mostliest Part

take the ice out of the inside of the mound so that you have a hole instead of a ice.
i was doing that, but i only got a cow. where did i go wrong?
This isn't very informative. The pictures are meaningless, and the descriptions are pretty obvious...
wtf<br />
wats with the pictures<br />
I am going to be honest this Instructable was stupid I live in a snow belt and I have built many igloos and you are right on your instructions but please keep Instructables serious.
Now let's see <em>you</em> do it!<br/>
Although an 'igloo' is built with ice bricks, I have built a shelter out of snow using this method and it works. We built a pile of snow then poured water on it a couple of times to make a nice ice shell. I wish I could remember what it's really called...
It's called a Quince, or some variation of that.
Pretty sure a quince is a fruit. I believe what your thinking of is a <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinzhee">Quinzhee</a>, but you are right. An igloo is made from bricks of snow, and a quinzhee is made from digging out snow.<br/>
What about Quiche? :P
got to love the: Caution The entrance tunnel may narrow or the ceiling may even collapse due to softening snow cause by temperatures near freezing or rain. Inhabitants of snow shelters are advised to have a snow tool available to clear blocked exits. these things always make me lughff
failed on the link, just ask wikipedia or google.
I have one of those dinosaurs near my house, outside of a buisiness
that is the shortest description i have ever seen describing how to make an igloo, its actually alot more complicated than that :D
this doesn't explain anything. it should be removed.taking up bandwidth.
Man, that's one of the best instructables ever!
what the hell do these pictures have to do with anything?
erm...i fear a collapsed roof though...i think i'll just share mine with a penguin...
Definitely one of my favorite books. Alongside my favorite... dinosaur?
wow....ok.....and you got it wrong...
this will be hard for those of us who are slydexic. we tend to stack thigns from the top to the bottom
i like it, i think i AM going to go build one now...
um.. so were u just sitting around.. looking to put something on instructables.. and ran across those pictures? lol. this obviously isnt the real way to do it. otherwise u would form bricks with the snow and build it like a fort.. not just dig it out. but i still give you points for creativity

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