How You Will Make a Big Igloo





Introduction: How You Will Make a Big Igloo

If you ever wanted to make a big igloo and didn't, now you will

Step 1: Find Your Source of Ice

Usually it can be snow or a lot of freezers in one place

Step 2: Put Your Ice in One Place That You Can Get to Pretty Easily

Put your ice in one place that you can get to pretty easily.

Step 3: Very Careful Step:

Stack it up from the bottom to the top until you have a big mound or you run out of ice.

Step 4: The Mostliest Part

take the ice out of the inside of the mound so that you have a hole instead of a ice.



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    i was doing that, but i only got a cow. where did i go wrong?

    This isn't very informative. The pictures are meaningless, and the descriptions are pretty obvious...


    I am going to be honest this Instructable was stupid I live in a snow belt and I have built many igloos and you are right on your instructions but please keep Instructables serious.

    Although an 'igloo' is built with ice bricks, I have built a shelter out of snow using this method and it works. We built a pile of snow then poured water on it a couple of times to make a nice ice shell. I wish I could remember what it's really called...

    It's called a Quince, or some variation of that.

    Pretty sure a quince is a fruit. I believe what your thinking of is a Quinzhee, but you are right. An igloo is made from bricks of snow, and a quinzhee is made from digging out snow.