Picture of How a remotely controlled load
Very simple! Only need the remote control of home appliances and microcontroller attiny2313. 
Also need a sensor TSOP1736, button, a pair of LEDs and a soldering iron.

page of the draft http://avrproject.ru/publ/protokol_rc5_bascom_avr/1-1-0-30
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Step 1: Designation of sensor inputs

Picture of Designation of sensor inputs
You can use any sensor TSOP with the end of the marking "36. " It is at such a frequency (36kHz) set all the control panels.

Step 2: Wiring diagram

Picture of wiring diagram
To increase the load carrying capacity of the module, I used a chip ULN2004. But you can do without it.
 The frequency of the microcontroller is inserted 4 MHz 
New version firmware can be downloaded at me site http://avrproject.ru

Step 3: Exterior view of the module

Picture of Exterior view of the module
I applied two-color (red / green) LED with common cathode

Step 4: Teaching commands

Picture of teaching commands
clicking on the red LED lights and the team came from the control panel is written in the nonvolatile memory of the microcontroller, so learning takes place teams. To understand watch this video:


fazgard3 years ago
Excellent, looks like a very simple but useful project!