How Boost Your Electrics Tools.





Introduction: How Boost Your Electrics Tools.

With this tip you can increase electric motor speed by 200%.Make less friction on the shaft.



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    How are you measuring the speed? Given the vibrating, this is an unbalanced, cheaply made motor. At 175,000 RPM it would tear itself apart and probably fling shrapnel clear through the wall. A finely tuned jet turbine can spin at less than 150,000 RPM. A $5000 9" Advance DC motor will explode at 30,000 RPM. A cheap 3V motor will be quite a bit less.

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    I think that there is a higher risk of burning out the motor while doing this though, but good find!

    dude it is a turbo for electric motors, but there has got to be some kind of energy cost in doing this. i understand what is happening, but it also has to burn more juice to do it.

    I remember doing something similar as a small child messing a round with small hobby motors.

    wow, that works great! i never even thought about adding some of my neodymium magnets to make my motors go faster, thanks for the tip!

    I don't think that it reduces the friction. Here's a possible explanation: the electromagnets inside the motor generate their force by pulling and pushing against permanent magnets fixed around the axle. That's how the motor turns to begin with. By adding a stronger magnetic field around the motor, the pulling/pushing force is increased dramatically, and the speed of the motor increases. That's my guess, anyways...

    Now that sounds like a poroper explanation, which means loup226 is a very confusing person as he says about friction, granted I can think of a few ways magnets could reduce friction...

    It works, I remember when I was a kid I had a high grade DC motor which had removable magnets on the sides. If I removed one, the speed would go down. But if I added the removed one on top of the other, the speed would go tremendously high (with less torque, though). Must be some electromagnetic phenomena... K.

    It helps reduce loading across the variable flux capacitor. Tends to work best during April 1st for some reason..... ;)