Recently having been asked by my employer to work on his M35 Cargo Vehicle commonly known as a Deuce and a Half. Having had very little experience with these types of vehicles I thought I would pass on a step by step of how to change the oil on one of these beasts for those of you who may be less experienced working on vintage army vehicles ( such as I was) 

You will need:

1 Drop Cloth
2 Five Gallon Buckets
Large Adjustable Crescent Wrench
2 LP132 Lube Filters ( with new gaskets) 
22 Quarts ( 5.5 gallons) of 30W or 30 SAE motor oil.


Step 1:

Step 1: 

Lay out your drop cloth under your work area. With out any leaks in the engines you are about to release ( in two different stages) a total of 5.5 gallons of used oil. Depending on where you are working you will want to cover to ground below. 

Put on you gloves and headlamp and  get under the truck with the adjustable crescent wrench and two five gallon buckets. 

Locate the drain plugs, two large bolt heads at the front and the back of the bottom of the engine (see photos) 

place 1 bucket under the plug, loosen bolt until almost out and then finish by hand ( so the bolt doesn't fall into the bucket, because then you are about top have to fish that out form all the oil it is about to fill up with) 

Leve that bucket to catch excess and then repeat process with the from plug. 

Allow adequate time for all old oil to drain from the engine. 

I saw you on National Geographic,it's so cool !!!
you can easily rig a kill switch, or do like we used to in the army. chain the brake pedal to the steering wheel and use a padlock.
You should download the TM for the truck. It will tell you everything you possibly wanted to know and more! <br>http://www.jatonkam35s.com/jatonkaM35sTMdownloadpage.htm <br> <br>I have one question. How does he lock the truck up? I know they don't make ignition keys for military vehicles.
A: Thank you for that link. I had a bit of trouble finding one of those at the onset of this project. <br> <br>B: unfortunately he doesn't have to. He has an indoor cargo space which enables him to keep it indoors. The only thing I could think of is rigging some sort of padlock system through the dash panel and around the accessories switch so that no would would be able to turn it/ start it and thus, steal it. <br> <br>Luckily the average hulligan isn't going to know which way is up when it comes to trying to start this thing. <br> <br>best of luck
I have asked several people about that once at a military vehicle collector's meet once, and one of the most common &quot;Anti-Theft&quot; devices for many of the trucks was (is) actually to just disconnect the batteries on the truck, which effectively kills the whole starting system. <br> <br>It's simple, cheap, and not really that hard to do (although it would probably be a pain to disconnect and reconnect the batteries at every stop) <br> <br> But, then again, I don't think many thieves would want to steal a big, heavy truck that only goes 50 MPH.
Its also good idea if you dont drive them in a while to do that so you dont have to &quot;slave start&quot; them. Or if you constantly forget to turn off your lights or radios. <br>
There may be a cable that runs from the floor to lock the steering wheel with a padlock. <br> <br>
It's nice to be reminded how to change the oil in a deuce and a half, but I haven't had to do it in almost 30 years. And I don't plan to do it again (but ya never know...). <br>Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

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