Women don't care to ask themselves this all important question before going head long in a relationship.Most of them are quick to believe that if a guy comes up to them to ask them out or express his feelings,then they think the guy is in love.

But most times that is not true.

Love is much more than feelings or expression of feelings.It is much deeper and spiritual than most ladies think.
You know what?guys do not easily get emotional about the love they have a for woman.If a guys tells you he loves you,all he is doing is the teasing game.He wants to know if you would fall for his flowery speech of love.Because the love he says he has for you. At almost the same time, he had said that to a thousand and one ladies.

In this part of the world, where love is a commonplace word,much of what love is hardly express in many relationship.That is why many men end up cheating a lady that profess they are head over heeel in love with.Most relationship barely last a week or at most a month because the love is not real and true.

If the game guy play with love is like this, how do you know men who are really in love. And for men,I want to show you can know if you are trully in love with a lady.

Here we go.

Step 1: True Love Do Not Play the Flirting Game

Many of you reading have fallen into the hands of men and their flirt game,So, do most men pride themselves in being a good at flirting.

Before you say "I love you' to anyone,you need not showers nice,emotional-laden wooing words to the girl.Mind you, I'm not saying is bad for guys to woo a girl with sweet words of love.What I mean is that,words without corresponding sincerity that shows you really meant what you say is but flirtatious words.

If you love a girl,you look beyond the attraction. Many experts in relationship focus more on attraction but I tell you, attraction has its huge limitation.

What next if attraction wear off your mind? Would you still be saying I love you to the lady?
Guys,stop playing the flirt games.Tell a girl you really love her if truly you are in love.
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Good work
<p>Please learn the basics of English.</p>
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<p>The English language is actually deficient in its use of a single word for love. Hebrew has 5 different words for love, each for a different type. For example the love between brothers or siblings and family members is phillia (I probably spelled that wrong) which is why Philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love. Eros is the love of sexual attraction. What exactly someone means when they say they love someone or something can be open to interpretation because of this failing of English. That is why you need to clarify it and explain what you mean when you tell someone you love them. Just what kind of love are they talking about. </p>
I was with some of this until you started talking sky-fairies

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