Picture of How do you find practical stopping distance?
These instructions will help you find practical stopping distance.
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Step 1: What is practical stopping distance?

Picture of What is practical stopping distance?

Practical stopping distance is something you may come across in class or in the real world. There are multiple engineering classes where this equation is needed. This equation is also useful in a real life. If you are trying to figure out how far you travel before you are stopped this equation is very useful.

So whether you are trying to solve an engineering problem or trying to avoid a deer in the middle of the road these instructions can be very helpful. Depending on how many givens you have given to you in the problem this process should only take at most 15 minutes. If you are trying to solve for your own car it will take you more time because you have to measure deceleration and grade.

Step 2: Supplies you need

Picture of Supplies you need

If you are doing a problem for a class with a given grade and acceleration you will need a pencil, paper, and a calculator.

If you are doing this to find the practical stopping distance of your car you will need everything listed above plus a ruler, level, and stopwatch.

Step 3: Practical stopping distance equation

Picture of Practical stopping distance equation

Here is what the symbols mean from the equation shown:

d= practical stopping distance ( in feet)

V1= the initial velocity of your vehicle ( In feet per second)

V2= the ending velocity of your vehicle  (In feet per second)

g= gravity constant

a= acceleration or deceleration of the vehicle (in feet per second squared)

G= grade of the road ( in decimal form)

Step 4: Transportation Engineering Problem

Picture of Transportation Engineering Problem

This is a common problem you will come across in most civil engineering classes.                                                                                      A car is traveling down a road at 60 Mi/hr. There is a deer that appears on the roadway approximately 750 feet in front of the car. If the deceleration of your vehicle is 6.03 ft/s^2 and the grade of the road is -3% will you stop before or hit the deer?