How Do You Make a Back Wall


Introduction: How Do You Make a Back Wall

How do you make a back wall? ly! package of what piepschuim, flag adhesive and needle painting.

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions

you firstly generally measure the half-measures of your terrarium are the binnekant what takes into account smaller therefore that you a couple mm of finished must obtain that draws you there on the piepschuim and cuts out it. I use generally piepschuim of approximately 2cm.

Step 2: Look How Widely and Long

look how widely and long you want it then makes you a gleuf of how widely you want it in the back wall there do you tegelijm in lubricate and put you the plattotje then you can along the they side of plattotjes also with flag adhesive finishing. plattotjes you can form beautiful by burning ofzo the edges with a lighter round pay attention, however, to that plattotjes not too dense or against the lamp sit at the table!

Step 3: Paint

if everything are dried you can paint starting/spout! pay attention, however, to that somigge painting toxic substances continues deliver! sometimes painting bites also by the piepschuim gone, which I have had already once therefore pay attention then also good! if you cannot it spread trusted you the back wall with tegelijm and then firstly let dry then is possible you without some problem starting with paintings! this gives frequently also a nice impact.

Step 4: Finnis

the back wall to place in the terrarium is rather easy. you push him and generally continue ie then immediately be stuck. the they sides can you finish with kit, so that krekels or other insecten cannot crawl behind the back wall!



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    15 Discussions

    lawl all that dutch it happens me too sometimes (i'm dutch)

    i love broken english. i dont know why. i just find it interesting. good instructable too. ive been thinking of making one of these for a while

    Let me guess - automatic translation?

    Translation for you anglophiles out there:

    piepschuim = styrofoam (lit. "squeakfoam", cute neh?)
    binnekant = interior
    sleuf = slot, groove
    plattotje = little platform, ledge
    krekels = crickets

    I think you can figure it out from there...

    4 replies

    tegelijm : I think he means Tegellijm , what would be : Glue for Tiles somigge : Some Well , it's a nice instructable , but practice your English more , and your Dutch too lol

    Well , Dutch is my native language , and Tegels : Tiles , Lijm : Glue . So glue for Tiles makes most sence to me , but ofc. who am i ?.

    . I'm just a monoglot Ugly American, so I thought I was doing pretty good to figure out it was Dutch. heehee

    Ya, this is a good Instructable, if a little hard to understand at first. I love the look of the broken edges. -Props to Shooby for offering to translate. I've used a similar technique to do big, flat, faux sandstone walls. Instead of breaking the edge, you use the flat part of the foam and rough it up with sanding blocks, keys, whatever to give some character. Then chamfer the edges all around (1/4") and roll on good coat of glue like Sobo. Spread sand all across the gluey top (you can mix colors for a less even look) and after the glue has started to set-up, tamp it down gently. After it's dry you just knock off the extra sand and voilà. I did it with extruded polystyrene/ blue foam/pink foam. Used 2 foot square pieces of foam and then put them on a wall to create a very cool looking phony façade of a building. I'll post some pics if I can dig 'em up.

    mars, if you like, wend me the text in Dutch and I'll translate it. Jouw artiekel is in het engels niet te lezen.

    2 replies

    . This seems to be a very good Instructable, but there is still enough ?Dutch? included to make it difficult to read.