Step 6: Fixing the margin release

Picture of Fixing the margin release
The margin release key is designed to let you temporarily go past the right hand margin. Photo 1 (taken from the rear of the machine) shows the margin stop (box noted on the left) and the margin release lever (box noted on the right). When you press the margin release key, the margin release lever should move rearward enough to let the margin stop pass so the carriage will continue to move (shown in Photo 2). On this typewriter the margin release lever didn't move far enough out of the way to let the stop pass.

I removed the right side panel (Photo 3) in hopes of finding some sort of a cam type of adjustment to remedy this, but there was none. What I did find, however, was a part of the linkage connecting the margin release key to the margin release lever had a dog-leg bend in it. You can see this in Photo 4. Using a pair of pliers, I adjusted this piece of  linkage by bending it to slightly shorten it. After three attempts at adjustment, the margin release worked!
edhor3 years ago
I love this post! I purchased a KMM with an 18 inch carriage as a Christmas gift for my 22 yo. daughter. Serial number suggests 1941. Before purchase I inspected the machine quite thoroughtly and determined it needed a few tweaks and major cleaning to get it into full operating condition. The hints you had here helped a lot. With the single exception of the "Tabular" key to automatically move to the next tab, everything works. It took about 24 hours of work in the secret lab.

If anyone has any suggestions for getting the "Tabular" key to work, I'd appreciate hearing them. This is the largish rectangular key in the upper right of the keyboard, directly under the Tab Set key on the horizontal panel. The key presses down and springs back readily enough, but it doesn't seem to engage any release mechanism tht would allow the platen to slide to the next tab. The "Tab Set" key seems to work and the "Tab Clear" key also seems to work (the "Tab Clear" button seems to have increased resistance when "unsetting" a tab, so I'm sort of guessing it works).

If anyone has any suggestions for a fix, I'd be quite grateful.

Best regards, to all and happy holidays. Ed Horner