Picture of How not to make a bad instructable

In this instructable I will teach you how not to make an instructable. Let's get started!

The first thing to remember when creating a bad instructable is to never use correct punctuation and grammar. Like this:

hey guyz. today ima gonna make this real cool ball rapped  in thiz cleere tape stuff  the ball iz made ov paeperz and stuffz.

Note the lack of periods and extra z's.

Step 1: Pictures

Picture of Pictures
horrible picture.jpg

Pictures are a major part of all instructables. Therefore it is a good idea to have very few images. It also helps to have blurry and/or washed out pictures. Badly rendered versions of your project can also be made via microsoft paint as seen on the title page. here are some good examples of bad images.
But even more important: You forgot the "rickroll" hyperlink...
because everyone enjoys a dead meme! trololololololololololol!
Oh! And the ubiquitous "sales pitches" - links to one's blog, links to one's internet stores, etc. - that have little to do with anything in the instructable. Also, on pictures, putting hundreds of embedded comment blocks, or overlapping blocks - I hate when I cannot read the little block - clearly visible - behind the larger ones.
lol i hate those too. or when the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the project. like someone just puts their avatar or a logo.
rimar20005 years ago
Yes, the correct English is very important for we non anglophone. Captions on videos are imprescindible, too. We can understand reading English, but we can't understand hearing it.
lemonie5 years ago

>You forgot to tag it with KNEX and K'NEX
>You didn't lift any watermarked images off the internet
>You forgot the pointless awful image in the last "well-done/congratulations" step.
>But most of all, you missed the "This is my 1st (or 3rd) Instructable so don't give me a hard time" disclaimer.


JohnJY lemonie5 years ago
lemonie JohnJY5 years ago
JohnJY lemonie5 years ago
*Cough* Made mine first. *Cough*
mrmath5 years ago
OH THE IRONY. An instructable about bad instructables, which contains the tip of using bad grammar, leaves off the capital letters in step 2. I just can't stand it!
You also have to make the steps a few words long, and have no pictures whatsoever, and should link to your other pitiful instructables. Nice job.
Wolf Seril5 years ago
You forgot 3 things: adding random tags that have nothing to do with the project so as to make it come up in searches more often, add pictures of Lolcats or demotivational posters that have been around since web 1.0, and a last step of "Thanx 4 reading its my first instructible so be nice plz XD"
I thought you were going for an example of a bad instructable. This is actually pretty good. Cheers.