How Seeing How Strong Is You Cell Phone


Introduction: How Seeing How Strong Is You Cell Phone

Microwave emitted by cellphone can be seeing with this little experiment.



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    Well I'll give this a go at some point, I'm pretty suspicious of another hoax but if it isn't then I have one of the monster old phones, the car ones, it wont find a network but it transmits fine, if this is true it's about 20 times as powerful...

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    i was wondering the same thing, i'll try it and let you guys know. Where does the magnet go?

    i think he was showing that the paper cone is not magnetic, so it's not just an effect done by having a magnet in one of the phones.

    I think the paper was actually alumin foil or tin foil

    Oh, ok. I thought maybe the bottom base was the magnet or something. I'll try to do this tomorrow.

    If that phone is the analog NMT rather the digital GSM it prolly wont work since they didn't use microwaves.

    The "experiment" is raised off the table unnecessarily. Notice two books and a board. I'm thinking a hole for air flow just behind shot glass. "see... nothing up my sleeve!" :)

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    ok so try it for ur self and if it wont work then u know somethins up

    Is evidently a hoax, the microwave fild around the phones is not the same, is a common misstake that the upper part of it is where the antenna is, the antenna is realy on the back side of the phone and is at 1cm (more or less) on left or right of the upper part. The strongest effect shud be at that part and the thing with 2 phones and the "device" between is the most suspicious, the GSM works phone 1 to tower to phone 2 (if both phones are in the same place) ... . try use a old gsm phone and show some mV (milivolts) on a display ... that will shure work and if you know the SAR value of the phone you use u can calculate for the new phone ...

    Ok, I'm pretty sure its legit. I think he made a radiometer, and the reason the position of the phones matter is because the microwaves are so weak, the radiometer won't move unless the two sources are close so the microwaves don't scatter

    sorry if i sound mean, im just annoyed when people only put the video and no instructable. so if i cant see the video, i dont know what to do.

    I would like to see the bottom of the table - specifically if theres a microwave magnetron under there. The other thing, when 2 phones communicate they dont communicate phone-phone, they communicate in all directions, and both talk to a cel tower, likely the same one, so their placement facing each other is silly...

    WhAt ThE hElL! thats cool. crazy. and interesting. neat instructable.

    is the pyramid sitting on a tooth pick or a needle?

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