This short instructable will show you how to make an awesome hi-res picture from one thing from one view. 

This method could be also used to make super macro photography and other purposes where You couldn't make one perfect shot, but from 3-5-10 or more pictures you could make the optimal picture.

In this case I had made a photo from a crystalline solid at the bottom of a breaker at the lab where I work. The was also no light for an optimal photo, so I had to use this little trick to make this photo:

If You are interested in lab/chemistry photography, than visit my blog: http://labphoto.tumblr.com/

Step 1: What You will need:

At first You will need a camera, DSLR, point and shoot or any kind of them (I use a Nikon DSLR) and preferred lens for the work (in my case it was a Vivitar Series 1 macro). 

The easy lightening setup could be made up simply from a flashlight or a strobe or anything what is not a candle and it makes some light. 

And the most important: something to make the picture from. It is preferred to use something what doesn't moves. 
Nice effect! Perhaps you could change the title to <u>Easy Hi-re Photos</u>.<br> I like your photos, I work in a lab too, and I've often thought it would be neat to take photos of some of the things we do.
Thank You!<br><br>I will soon update some other things too from the lab and also from photography.
Essentially just focus stacking with light instead - might be worth putting a catchier title in...

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