How to Make the Easiest Paper Claws





Introduction: How to Make the Easiest Paper Claws

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This is a easy way to make a claw. Firsts things first. Always get the things

10 or 5 rectangle paper

Step 1: Fold 1

Make the first step of making a square paper just the first step.

Step 2: Fold 2

make 2 triangle under the triangle like this on image 2

Step 3: Fold 3

This is hard to explain

so image will help

Step 4: Fold 4

fold the bottom of the triangle to the triangle.
Make sure it like image 2

Step 5: Turn

Turn the triangle over it make it look like a regular with no line on it

Step 6: Role

You role the triangle up

the right amount to role it up to a claw is 3 roles

Step 7: Pocket

on the right side of the image place the one on the right in the pocket.

Step 8: How to Put It on

Put your finger in the hole.

Step 9: How It Looks

Make 5 for a set for one hand or 10 for a whole set of 2 hands

Step 10: Join

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    25 Discussions

    i wonder if you can make it with aluminum foil.....(evil yet thoughtful smile at the possibilities)...........

    1 reply

    This. Is. AWESOME!!!!

    my grandpa thinks it is complicated though, wich i don't understand

    I dont understand this step...

    Can someone help me please? I've been stuck on Step 6. What does it mean by, " You role the triangle up the right amount to role it up to a claw is 3 roles "? I really don't get it. Can someone please reply? Thanks! - zX.RiiPSharD)

    1 reply

    there are two things below the picture click them in order then ur done its very simple i actully have a set of claws done i might make another for my mom

    i made the metal claw!! and no, i did not just paint it either. What i did was cut out a size to the paper and folded it as directed very carefully, as it is flimsy at first.

    metal claw 1.jpg

    The best instructable explaining the paper claws!!! thanks

    By the way, wrong "role" role means like a part of a play, and roll is the one you need which means to turn over or "Do the barrel roll!" Homonyms.

    Great instructable! Has many steps which makes it easy. The other ones had minimal steps.