Introduction: How the Hell You Make Latex Masks!

Join Tim Haskell with scenic artist and propmaster Aaron Haskell to make a quick and easy latex masks that form fit to your face.

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astral_mage (author)2013-10-07

umm the vid links arent working at all?. please fix them

Beast211 (author)2009-10-17

What a Jerk

fozzy13 (author)2009-05-01

The guy whose face was jacked up thought he was really funny. But he wasn't..

DOaks (author)2009-04-30

I want my 10 minutes back......

microman171 (author)2009-04-27

Dude! Please stop with the sex jokes... I reckon you should make the mould with alginate, then cast plaster into that. Then on the outside, you do the whole latex thing. It will be super smooth. My $0.02

Vixen8387 (author)2009-04-27

wOO! awesome! at least i know now how to make a plaster mask... i think your instructable is great guys!

Biopyro (author)2009-04-27

How the Hell You irritate instructables users and flood the front page. At least write an instructable to accompany these, and don't delete constructive criticism.

EaglesNest (author)2009-04-27

The "kidnapped child" mask joke was in pretty poor taste guys.

ac1D (author)2009-04-27

Not another who try to make cash.. damn!

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