Introduction: How To: Make Game 4 Sweep Broom.The Definitive Guide.

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In thinktank's definitive guide to constructing a four win sweep, broom, we will go indepth on the proper way to build the ultimate tool for the showboating hockey fan.
You may ask why .The answer ?

Because it is the cornerstone of homer simpsons pyramid of success.

Step 1: Needed EQ Part 1

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Make sure you are wearing Proper and legit Fan paraphernalia , or the broom will not function properly and might blow-up.

Step 2: Needed EQ Part 2

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Make sure you have the following.(All available from you local dollar store.)

Broom Handle (Red works For Senators Fans)
Broom Head (Red or Black Works Best)
Appropriately colored tape (Gold to keep with senators color scheme)
And finaly a Soft surface bearing your teams logo, for assembly (In this case, a senators rug)

Step 3: Assembly

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Wrap the tape diagonal to the broom for best results .
Tape both ends for a good neat finish.
And finally unite the broom head and handle using safe hand twisting procedure.


Although advantageous against trash, this broom does not actually invoke you with super human
buffalo fan beat down powers.
Use in a fight , at your own risk.
I am not liable for any illegal use of this broom.


Zujus (author)2007-05-23

lol. fight with this broom??? :D maybe against grannys ;D

tomonto (author)2007-05-20


Trans_Am (author)2007-05-16

WHAT? Dont dare diss the only team Canada's got in the playoffs! They're going all the way this year, baby. Go Sens GO!

MArlauckas (author)2007-05-16

Put the brooms away... Buffalo took Game 4 with a 3-2 win over Ottawa. Go Sabres!

Thinktank (author)2007-05-16

(even though they lost the sweep) GO Sens GO !

MattDurr (author)2007-05-16

Go! Sens! Go!

theRIAA (author)2007-05-16

lol, what?!

Thinktank (author)theRIAA2007-05-16

what part dont you understand ?

T3h_Muffinator (author)Thinktank2007-05-16

The Go! part!

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