How To: Rappelling Without Any Gear!





Introduction: How To: Rappelling Without Any Gear!

This is a instructable on how to rappel without any special gear besides rope and yourself.

Step 1: Step 1

How to rappel without equipment;

Materials Needed:
- Rope
- Yourself
- Gloves (optional)
First Step:
Grab your rope and position it like in the picture below.

Step 2: Step 2

Attach one end of the rope to a sturdy object like a pole, tree trunk, tree branch, etc.

Step 3: Step 3

use the method in the first step to rappel. You can slow your descend by holding onto the rope tighter with your right hand
This is a rappel without any equipment, this technique should be only used on gentle slopes and rappels that are short and do not require a harness.

Happy Rappelling



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    BTW, proper harness is essential for self-rescue. Otherwise, round the waist rope pulls to your lower ribs, exerts pressure there and it is extremely uncomfortable. Proper harness can be improvised with ropes around the shoulder and upper thighs but the one with tapes is much more comfortable. Harness only around the waist and upper thighs is not safe because the climber can fall out of it if he turns over.

    If the climber looses the grip, falls down and that is it! We used to this. With gloves. We would tie a separate roper around the waist with a bowline knot and tie that rope to the main rope with a prussik knot. Proper order is first to tie a prusik, then round the waist. This is for safety. One cannot fall out because the prussik is going to stop him. To slow the rate of descent one has to close the hand in front of the chest.

    I've only repelled a couple times when I was in JROTC at my High School.
    But we used Swiss Seat Harnesses that I think would be more comfortable and they can be made out of just rope, so I don't think they go against your "no gear" thing. (Although you do need a caribiner)
    Here's a link on how to tie one:
    Swiss Seat Guide

    you cant rappel with a swiss seat they are for lowering people

    Tell that to the Army. We always use a Swiss Seat for repelling. At least, we do on the practice towers. I can't speak to anything past that.

    A lot of the other guys had problems, but they shouldn't be uncomfortable if done properly. I don't have "women parts" so I can't talk to the comfort on a female.

    yeah when I was doing it my crotch sustained no damage

    sweet thanks!

    you said--Rappelling without any gear! --whats the gloves and rope ---??

    O.K. rappelling with minimal gear :D The other version would be called "falling"