Step 2: Prepare the acetone

Picture of prepare the acetone
Open the canister of acetone and pour some acetone into the glass container. You don't need much, 1 centimeter should be enough for a little batch of plastic. If theres not enough you can always add some more later.
Lia763 years ago
I can make my own plastic products by using some recycle plastic in my home. I am using the step that just same like the "plastic injection mold machine". I can make any think with different colour and I can make it just a few minutes.
oud253 years ago
lol hooray for napalm haha
FAS7 years ago
I'm interested in using this stuff for making a mold of something, anything..my question is how does this stuff release..example is I want to make a mold of the inside of a soup bowl...after I form the plastic inside the bowl and let it dry does it come out of the bowl without using some other chemical to release this stuff?  Or if I place a quarter in the stuff and let it dry will the quarter come out of the plastic or does it become part of the new plastic?
chriskarr FAS6 years ago
The quarter would come back out of the plastic, however, I would advise not making quarters in your home because of the fact that they will end up costing more than you will get back out; any liquid that will solidify at room temperature and look like the nickel on a quarter would be too hot while being liquid to put into a plastic mold.