Step 3: Melt the Styrofoam

Picture of melt the Styrofoam
Start by breaking your block or blocks of Styrofoam in pieces that fit into your glass container. Then take the pieces and push them into the acetone. Continue pushing Styrofoam into the acetone until the blocks you put in don't melt anymore.

Then wait one to five minutes for some of the acetone to evaporate. Wait one minute if you want it to mold the plastic and five if you want to shape it. The more you let the acetone evaporate the more solid it will be. You might even want to mold it while its still "liquid".

Here's a video that demonstrates the melting process.

You mentioned how the Acetone could damage your eyes. I'm wanting to make a pair of cosplay glasses with this how-to, and I was wondering if wearing said glasses would damage my eyes at all?
novmad4 years ago
can you use this in a mold?
bgepp14 years ago
can you use this in a mould?
jtm19975 years ago
do you think this would work for body filler for detailing costumes kind of like bondo?

Zezjek6 years ago
How hard can you get the plastic to be?
weswert6 years ago
UUGGHHH!! that video is crazy!