Introduction: How to #3 - Control Direction of a DC Motor

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Controlling the speed of a DC motor have various methods, Today I will show you most easiest ways with and without microcontroller like Arduino.

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Step 1: Watch the Video !

If you feel lazy to read all the stuff you can watch my video

Step 2: What Controls the Direction of DC Motor ?

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Connecting the +ve of the motor to the +ve and -ve of the motor to the -ve of supply and it moves in the Counter-clockwise direction and when we reverse the connection, it moves in the opposite direction i.e. in the clockwise direction.

The key here is The Polarity and the flow of direction of current!

So now let's see how to control it

Step 3: Without Micro-controller

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Easiest way without using a microcontroller is using a DPDT switch

So you need to wire the switch in this way to make it work here is our input from supply and here are the wires from the motor, Now when supply is turned on and switch is pressed on either side current will flow making the motor run accordingly.

Step 4: Using Micro Controller

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Here we can use the circuit so called an H-Bridge which works in the same way. H-bridge consists of 4 MOSFETs which are wired as shown. At a time only two diagonal MOSFETs are on which allow the current to flow in the both direction. But building an H-Bridge on a breadboard is difficult so we can use L293d IC which consist of tow H-bridge inside which is worth of its value.

Now you can control the direction of a DC motor using the Logic table of the IC

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