How to 3D Print Stylish Parametric Shoes





Introduction: How to 3D Print Stylish Parametric Shoes

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Easily 3D print a pair of parametrically designed wedges with this instructable. The shoes were designed using Grasshopper, a parametric modeling plugin used with Rhinoceros modeling software (the definition is displayed in the bottom image).

Step 1: Download the STL File

The shoes in this file fit sizes 7-9 (women's). The file includes both a left and a right shoe.

Step 2: 3D Print the Shoes

The shoes displayed in the images were printed on a Stratatys Dimension printer. I recommend printing with ABS plastic to provide maximum structure and support.

Step 3: Add the Straps

To create straps for the shoes, loop knit elastic (or any other preferred strap material) through the three designated strap holes. Sew the loops together so that they tightly wrap the foot (see the above image).

Step 4: Voila, Your Shoes Are Finished

Once you finish the straps, walk around in your new stylish shoes!



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    Very nice shoes. I like to print them but my printer cannot print both shoes together can you help my with two stl files for the shoes?

    1 reply

    Hi. I have the same problem. Can you share with me two stl files? Left and right shoe?

    Many thanks for the picture of the definition! I tried to rebuild it according to the picture but failed. Would you please post your file or send it vie e-mail? That would be GREAT!!


    Thanks for these amazing shoes. How much does it cost to print them in a 3d printer at home? How many time does it need to print?

    I have asked around my area and they ask me about 300$. So I am thinking of buying one printer but I am not sure if it is worthy.


    Hello! Did you use support structure? I have a Taz 5 which we always use support for, but yours didn't look like it had any!

    2 replies

    Yep, the shoe had a TON of support (more than the material, actually), though I never included a photo. Stratasys printers are great in that the support is soluble, so you can just throw it in a base bath rather than manually remove it.

    Ahh ok. Our Taz can't do that yet! I made my own version though, which won't need any.


    Can it be printed on FDM machines like makerbot replicator 2 or ultimaker

    my wife will finally let me buy a 3D printer thanks to you!!!

    This is great! I love the applications for 3D printing in the fashion world.