Step 6: Apply the Photographic / Grain Effect

Open the [Effects] menu and click on [Designer Effects].  This will open the designer effects pane to the right.  Click the down arrow in the pane to access the (Gallery Type) menu.   Selecting [Photographic] will filter the effects, making it easier to select the appropriate one.  Once you are showing only the photographic icons, click on the one that says [Grain].  Next, go to the top of the pane and click on the bulleted word [Settings (Grain)].  This will open up the adjustments for the grain setting.

Make the following adjustments to the grain settings:

Transparency:  30%

Graininess:       30

Grain type:         Vertical

Contrast:            20

Leave the Foreground and Background colors at their default respective black & white.
Thanks for taking the time to make this ‘instructable’. I’m surprised that you couldn’t find any similar instructions involving the more popular photo editing programs. But anyway, I was thinking you could also colorize some of the elements in the picture with subtle copper, silver or gold tones to enhance the antique effect. Maybe also add bits of metallic “scratches” to the grain lines? Think I’ll give it a try, myself!

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