Step 6: Apply the Photographic / Grain Effect

Picture of Apply the Photographic / Grain Effect
Open the [Effects] menu and click on [Designer Effects].  This will open the designer effects pane to the right.  Click the down arrow in the pane to access the (Gallery Type) menu.   Selecting [Photographic] will filter the effects, making it easier to select the appropriate one.  Once you are showing only the photographic icons, click on the one that says [Grain].  Next, go to the top of the pane and click on the bulleted word [Settings (Grain)].  This will open up the adjustments for the grain setting.

Make the following adjustments to the grain settings:

Transparency:  30%

Graininess:       30

Grain type:         Vertical

Contrast:            20

Leave the Foreground and Background colors at their default respective black & white.