Introduction: How to Access Any Webpage That Is Blocked on Your School or Work

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Hi guys I'm making this video because I spent a lot of time at the University and I'm always browsing the web but they always blocked some webpages that I like to use like Facebook,WhatsApp, Twitter,Tumbler, Youtube,Twitch and etc so I decided to look on how to have access to this webpage so I discovered this method and I want to share it with you guys. The best of all is that is very easy and fast method.

Step 1: Add-on That You Will Need

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Then you will need to install this add-on called Ultrasurf to have access to those blocked websites.

Here is the link for the add-on :

Step 2: How to Install This Add-on

In this video I show what you need to do get this add-on and how to use it. In this video I'm using Google Chrome. You can see this video in my youtube channel:

if you have any doubt or any question just ask me here or write on the youtube channel. Thanks for your time and this is a very useful method to unlock webpages.


kpataska (author)2016-02-01

This method will fail more than it will work, as most schools administratively lock down add-ons from the browsers loaded on their school PCs.....

No Chrome - no luck!

bjimenez_79819 (author)kpataska2016-02-02

Well I use it a lot and never had that problem but you can also use secure network and that tunnel will gained access to them most of the time

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