Picture of How to Access The Locked Sites at School The Easy Way!!
Have you ever wanted to look at a video, or check your myspace while in school, but the site is blocked? Well here is the answer.

I have seen many things telling you how to bypass the firewall that takes websites that could be blocked by the school. Those take time that you might not have. Here is the best and easiest solution.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what you do with this info. Be smart.

Step 1: Go To Google

Picture of Go To Google
Go to google and put in the address of your desired web site i.e. youtybe.com.
persia852 years ago
we are not the only one gaining knowledge on getting into school blocked websites the school are also gaining knowlegde on more security to make those blocked website blocked there is actually nothing u can do
klop14 years ago
Holy leap of F**K!!! Lol
it doesnt work ; but maybe i did it totally wrong...
Hitman2274 years ago
HeHe my school doesnt even bother(with blocking sites so 3/4's of the time were on face book, twitter, runescape ect. we use the ooold alt+tab trick.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  Hitman2274 years ago
If you press alt+tab on a pc it cycles through your open windows.
Its the "silent" way of cycleing pages. d:)
Kostylev5 years ago
u spelt it youtybe instead of youtube
RedFlash5 years ago
That Guy loves saying F**K... He is such a tool. It took him ten minutes to do that? I could blitz that in 2
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  RedFlash5 years ago
yah, i love mario lol. im a pro thats all i did in 1999 with my cousin.
rustymia5 years ago
 does he ever pass?!?!?!?! Dude thats SOOOO FUNNY
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  rustymia5 years ago
idk lol but it is hilarious.
Wolfbane2215 years ago
Did you guys try a proxy server?

Allot of blocked proxy sites
sparx016 years ago
cached is BLOCKED at my school!!!!
tmejia sparx016 years ago
the real way is to search in google- ghost pxr and the adress should start with dev4up or something similar to that. next click on the link and then type in your blocked website adress and your approved... in my school i go on youtube and addicting games and airsoft websites with no problems ;-)
sparx01 tmejia6 years ago
that is blocked too:(
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  sparx016 years ago
really it works at my school.
lemonie6 years ago
That only works if it's cached, surely? L
yep tried and failed
I thought so L
Same on my end. I can't flush out the windows admin hosts!! I'm having more issues then (insert witty comment here). please help me! I have access to cmd (made access) i don't want to make my own user though as that can be traced and actually might upset someone. -Arrrgh, Chris
If you have cmd you might be able to access sites through the cmd shell. Search the internet for "web pages cmd" and see if that turns anything up? L
sonicsworld6 years ago
I always thought schools are place to learn stuff nice to see thinks haven't changed much.
snowzombie6 years ago
haha my school blocked cache IP too, and that LogMeIn thing that munchman mentioned if anyone knows anymore ides, message me. thanks
munchman6 years ago
Great, but my school blocked google's cache IP, Aw well, I just use LogMeIn
xrobevansx6 years ago
Problem is, once you are at a cached site via Google, the links therein or media is linked to the actual site which will still be blocked.
Thelonelysandwitch (author)  xrobevansx6 years ago
When I am at school, I can view the videos from these steps. People say that all the time.